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Originally Posted by captallendale View Post
Hmm while I noticed that I could use multiples on the aux cannons, I had thought that would be a bad idea because by having one aux and one drawing on weapons (and one quantum torp) I could spread the power drain around. However, while the drain is limited that way, it means I have to keep both aux and weapon power up high to begin with. Since I need to have high aux for sci powers anyway maybe I should switch over to all aux, especially on my sci guy.
Just something you should be aware of. You should go all or nothing. All Aux Cannons or no Aux Cannons. Think about it it this way. If you run 2 standard DHCs at 125 power, each cannon will be firing at roughly 95-100 power by the end of their cycles. If you run 2 Aux cannons, same thing. NOW if you used your one aux one DHC one quantum, at most you will have each cannon firing at around 63-78 power (depending on your WCP and Power Bonuses). You will actually lose out on DPS. Quite a lot.

So in that instance, all or nothing works better. But this is ONLY considering forward weapons. Depending on what your rear weapons are, maybe a hybrid power setup is better, maybe not.

Users choice, but I thought I would put up those little tidbits.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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