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Like many others - I accidentally selected the Hanger - Scorpion Fighters. As it was effectively blocking further development, I proceeded to begin it's development. It was expensive - hugely expensive, but I thought to myself - I can buy these once they have been developed. Moreover I can resell them at some future date in an attempt to recover the costs.

This isn't a Pet. The title should read: 1x Scorpion Hanger, Bound.

The cost is:
  • 10 Romulan Marks
  • 10,000 dilithium
  • 30 Engineering or Operations Officers
  • 10,000 Expertise
  • 1 Peregrine Fighter Hanger
  • 5 Warp Coils
What do you get? 1 Bound to Character Hanger. You don't get to resell them, or learn to build another.

My beef's:
  1. Clear Labeling: Bound item, Item Unlock, Consulable Item
  2. High Dilithium
  3. Ridiculous DOFF requirements. Apparantly slavery is acceptable in the Federation.
I would not be whining as much, but 30 doff's and 10,000 dilithium for something I can't even sell sucks immensely. I'll still play..... but I'll cut back my Zen purchases as I look for another game to become addicted to.

Admiral Thrax

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