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(I know. The STO forums suck. You can't even use IMG images in posts, but this is what would show if they DID allow IMG linked images)

Join Criteria:

Skype is very heavily encouraged.

- All submissions must include a Haiku.

Post in our lovely recruiting thread; but bear in mind that we're a snobby, elitist RP faction and we will snort upon your application with disdain if we feel that it contains insufficient levels of 'snuff'.

That being said we're actually not really at all. If we feel that your submission was simply made off hand it will be discarded with the same casual disdain, but we'll work with you day in and out if you're earnest about joining but are uncertain as to how you might proceed.

That also being said, no orphans! I understand that every hero needs an origin story, but we frown on any orphan that isn't cleaning out a chimney followed by having the good graces to die at the age where it ceases to be a lovable street urchin. Parent's who weren't killed by orcs prompting you to perform action X, are encouraged.

1. Do not create an IND character prior to being accepted. Doing so will result in an accounting error taking place, emptying your account and providing yet another of my ex wives with a very charming yacht/law proceeds for my next divorce.

2. New members of the IND are to get their ship name cleared - prior to ship purchase. Failure to adhere to this rule, will result in our choosing a name for you... You wont like it.

3. You must provide us with a character biography. We are not looking for 5 pages of well researched, footnoted novella. We just want to know that your character and background fit in with the faction's RP.

4. New recruits must chop down the tallest tree in the forest, the preferred medium would be a herring, but we're willing to compromise based upon individual RP.

Good luck.
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12-15-2012, 11:21 PM
Mr. Veelar, your application for employment has been accepted. Please forward skype protocol information over secure comms' to continue with the employment procedure.
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01-12-2013, 10:10 PM
Greetings Mr. Shepard,

I have reviewed your application with our usual background check. I have come to the conclusion that you would make a fine addition to the IND. With that said, Please make your way to Wall Street Station in Oita as soon as possible. Then, once we get the non-disclosure statements signed, we will get you added to our rosters.


The Shrike,
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01-29-2013, 12:33 PM
-Transmission Comm Identification: Johnny Daystrom C.F.O IND-

Apologies for the tardy replies ladies and gentlemen, I am at present checking over some of our other concerns in Sector 001 at this time, and I am unable to get into the office; so I'll make this as brief as possible.


-Separate transmission bursts-

Madam Ikeda, or should I address by your Shinto name Kitsune ? One which I am a little more familiar with. No matter, I'll get down to the brass tacks. The Cut of your particular cloth looks quite fine and dandy to me madame; so any time you are passing our Wall Street Offices, please pop in in and we'll do the necessary paperwork and financial details. Looking forward to you bringing your particular talents to our expanding business.


Mr Hone is it ? Not quite clear on the name I'm afraid. Sadly your Curriculum Vitae doesn't currently meet the
executive standards required for company indenture at this time. Thank you for your inquiry though, keep in
touch, things may change in the future. Probably see you around Sirius sir.


-End Transmission-

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02-03-2013, 11:42 PM
Greetings Master. ermm, psycho

I hope this communique finds you in good health. This is in regard to your recent application to our company. I am sorry to say that your application has been denied. We don't have a position open at this time for someone with your abilities.

I do want to thank you for your interest in the Independent Neuralnet Division.


Norman Crowley
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Independent Neuralnet Division
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02-13-2013, 09:08 PM
LOCATION: Star-base Wallstreet
DESTINATION: Master N. Severak

Master Severak, a quick perusal of your resume looks promising - unfortunately a further deep search on your character by our professional investigators has unearthed no tangible results.
I suggest at this time that you hook-up with any of our ships in space for an informal chat, and Sirius tour.

The Shrike


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03-07-2013, 12:03 AM
From: Miyuki Ikeda
Subject: Application for your company

Like the water flows
and business whirls around me
I sink in money

Konnichiwa gentlemen,

My name is Miyuki Ikeda but maybe I am known a bit more through my nickname, The Kitsune.

I have left after my husband was jailed and committed seppuku and I refused to follow his example. Why should I, that's what I asked myself. Life is too sweet when you have money and I have it. I have moved myself and my fortune to Liberty because here a woman like me, can continue to do what she knows best. Making even more money.

I come from a noble family, born in year 794 A.S., Zalkon System in the Zeta Gelis Cluster. Married to Lord Kihara when I was young. While my husband thought I am just his sweet housewife I was crashing his business empire for seven years building my own on its ruins. How "unfortunate" that he ended up jailed a year ago. Well for him at least.

Your organization highly peeked my interest and I would be most glad to join your ranks.

Yours sincerely,

The Kitsune

PS: Chopping a tree with herring is like a business. It takes time and patience, and if you do not succeed, you will decide for more drastic measures. An axe. I guess I have cut a lot of trees like that.
My my, aren't you a long way from home.... Sounds like you are a dishonorable exile. Why should you join us when you might flee from a very restrictive deal? No matter.
You have not mentioned ANY skills that show anything positive in your character. You seem rather disillusioned.

I will allow you to enter the IND without pay, as an inter, until you prove you are worthy of our trust.

Norman Crowley
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Independent Neuralnet Division
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# 8
03-26-2013, 03:05 PM
*From: Hone*
*Subject: IND Application*
*Encryption: Piggyback*

Hello IND! I am interested in the great job prospects of joining your illustrious corporation. Allow me to express my enthusiasm in Haiku form:

I want to join you

I'm sure, that even though you encounter more interesting people than me on a daily basis in your line of work, you will wish to know a little more about me, so here goes:

I started out my space-born career working as an escort for silver miners in pennsylvania. It's funny really, all I had was an army surplus Defender, that I got for running jobs for the Navy. If we'd come across anyone serious, I'd have been a smear on the side of the nearest asteroid. All I could do was scout. My employers realised this, and as their miner was currently unable to move due to the volume of ore surrounding it, they fronted me the money for a Bumblebee kusari transport, which I would pay back by hauling their ore.

And so, with an actual cargo ship that didnt leave commodity dealers laughing, and pointing at the pawn shop, and some fresh cash from the surplus on the ore sale, I took to the stars, and my odessey began! I toured the furthest reaches of sirius space, mapping the entire sector by hand, as an entrepreneur freelancer. Making deals, carrying cargo, (most of it legal - at least in one of the houses) buying low, and selling high.

I upgraded to a Percheron when I earned enough, but I had my eye on a certain ship. The Kujira. God I love that ship, unarmed, but sleek, agile, and huge. Besides, any transport captain worth a fart in a vacuum knows you dont try to fight the pirate yourself! You hire a ******n escort! My goodness it makes me sick to hear about all these transports that were destroyed flying COMPLETELY UNESCORTED just to save a few credits! Speaking of which, does IND have it's own escort wing?

Oh excuse me, anyway, Enamoured with the Kujira I purchased a franchise with the GMG, the ship itself, and the real money began. I expanded my exploration, but the most vital part, were the contacts I made in Dublin. When the Pennsylvania fields were stripped bare, the Dublin Gold Rush began, and I was poised to take advantage. Learning a lesson from my original employers, I purchased a Hegemon for an aspiring mining crew, placed reserve orders with my contacts, and set cruise engines for profit!

Times were good with the GMG, though their mining was at that point fully automated, so no niche for a captain like me, but at least transporting ore fitted the Mining part of Gas Mining Guild! The Kujira's brilliant agility for it's size allowed my exploration to reach new hights, I wont bore you with the details (or reveal anything incriminating) but lets just say that Alaska and Gallia are beautiful, and when Gallia was closed off, there was much less traffic. At least, that's what I hear! I dont tend to deal over the Net - preferring to look a supplier in the face, when I decide if his goods will net my next million, or turn out to have fallen off the back of a truck - however I'm looking foward to doing more of it with the iNd, and I did try to help out when needed.

Making money hand over goldfinger, I was soon able to afford that ultimate status symbol of the trader, the 5K Train. Bidding a fond farewell to my lovely Kujira, I moved to the top of the foodchain, in my new Shetland behemoth. Five minutes later I sold it at a loss of 115 million credits, and got back in my kujira. I dont regret it for a second. I deserved it for abandoning my Kujira for one of the pieces of garbage toted on the net as the ultimate transport, in reality fit only for target practise!

I continued on basking in the money shower that is sirius to a investigative business man, flying under the nuetral colours of the GMG. Until of course, the event that brought me to you:
The GMG went to war with Kusari. Despite the fact that I was a registered franchisee, I had to learn of this watching the CNS! After immediately selling my franchise, I took on temporary employment with the IMG, but when THEY went to war with Rhienland, I parked up my ship on Curacao in disgust, and have spent mot of the intervening time, enjoying myself in imaginative manners.

Hearing IND was recruiting has made me start eyeing the stars, and Sirius markets once again, so please give this old dog a reason to fly again!

Oh and by the way I didnt chop down the tallest tree in the forest, I paid someone else to do it for me. Of course I also sold him the equipment he used to do it, as well as the logging rights for the entire county, giving me a net profit, and a free tree. where would you like it?
hmmm.....while your linguistic abilities are lacking to say the least. I'll pass it along to my 'secretary' of sorts. She'll decide if its worthy of a second chance. Now where did I put her Kibbles and Bits?.......
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04-21-2013, 11:47 PM
Relay station: Active_
Origin: Wall Street Embassy, 74 Orionis
Addressee: Kyoto, Kenji and Stone, Blake T.
Encryption: medium

Subject: Your applications

Master Rizu,

it seems that you're already familiar with some forms of luxury but there's still more to be discovered. You should know how to handle delicate situations and let's hope you have an eye for business opportunities too.
You'll receive a little communique via private channels shortly with the information you'll need.

In case you haven't figured it out yourself, you just became a part of our staff.

Welcome aboard,

Blake T. Stone
Vice President of Quality Management


Master Dennison,

it seems your application became lost for a while but our staff department was able to recover it from all the different files. I've gotta say it ain't the best one we've seen so far but we've decided to give you a chance within the IND.
We'll watch your progress along us for a while and will make our final decision a little bit later.
Hope you ain't gonna disappoint us.


Blake T. Stone
Vice President of Quality Management
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# 10
05-12-2013, 10:57 PM
*From: Hone*
*Subject: IND Application*
*Encryption: Piggyback*

Ah, that would be Mr Edmonds, first Name "Hone". Yeah I just registered my first ship to my name, as you'll recall I started out in a freighter, and well, I never saw the need to change my registration details when buying new ships - fearfully expensive, 1500 energy credits for a ship re-registration!! - so the old transmission system would have just pinged it as being sent from "Hone".

Sorry to hear my... ah... "CV" doesn't match your needs, mind telling me why? You don't have anything against "Self Made Men" and only allow in purebred Lords do you? Because I'm sure i could purchase myself a peerage from somewhere!

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