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I use the multi vector so im going to talk about it first.

First, the seperation sequence is lagy/chopy.
, when the ship reconnects, and I chose cerberus, it should reconnect as what i chose, not standard prometheus pieces. i know this is minor, but imo, its SUPER anoying watching my ship transpmorph when it seperates / connects.

The pets could either use
1) better AI or
2) commands like carrier pets

the pets NEED customization and a LITTLE better stats.

My reasoning? well, these pets, there not just fighters that go out and get blown up. They are part of a starship, in fact, they are a starship, a mini one. Why when they seperate does only one get to be awesome?

Id also like to say if anyone thinks to make the pets as powerful as the player controlled section, id rather not because then the ability will probably end up with a timer. Id rather opt for a little sucky pets than a timer. ( id opt for NO timer)

Some might say, well they do not have as much power seperated.
I say each section has nacelles, is warp capable, and therefore, has the power to be awesome.

Saucer seperation

I understand why the saucer mgiht not get to be as powerful as the stardrive section, why? because it just lost its primary means of power, the antimatter reactor. obviously its not going to be as effective. (unless im wrong about where it gets its power).

It NEEDS better AI, commands like carrier pets, and more customization.
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