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11-21-2012, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
How can the Devs answer Why you 'feel' the way you do?
That seems a matter for personal reflection.

The change you have a problem with is something that a large number of people asked for, among many other changes. Why would they be unhappy with the Dev Team actually doing what they asked for ?

I'm not trying to be part of the Cryptic Defense Force here, but I really don't understand the basis of your complaint.
*sets phaser to kill and aims at own head*

the question isn't " Why do I keep feeling like this " I know why I keep feeling like this, the question is why it even the case in the first pace that we should feel this way. It comes off like they go, oh, lets force them to only turn left, but those who are used to having the option of turning left or not want to go right, and out of sure habit turn right and hit the wall, and then after seeing how bad the go left only mandate has panned out they say, you can got right again, but it's to late, you've done crashed into the wall and done broke every bone in your body.

I'm being overly dramatic I know. I just feel they should of had the foresight to realize they where doing more harm then good :p We're three years on, seven seasons in and every season they do the most unpopular of the plans they could of first and then back paddle when they get called on it.

this is me just asking Why is it always seem to be the worst Choice A when Choice B or C where always the better choices, it's not like they had to blindly pick from three folders of what to do.  1340247645
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