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# 1 Hammel's inspirational story.
11-21-2012, 05:11 AM
This is going to be a little story about how I got into STO, how I improved, what techniques I used and what players guided me.

I guess it first started with me buying the game, at the time it cost me $80AUD as a brand new game, first MMO I had ever played so I wasn't sure what to expect. I started out by making my first toon he was a science captain of the Vulcan variety, I picked science as I thought the game would allow me to explore and discover strange new worlds like in the shows, it didn't however.

Though I was pleased at both ground and space combat PvE style, I never really wanted to get into PvP as that would make me interact with other players and I wasn't too fond of the idea of talking to random people even though this is an MMO. After a week or so of PvEing I decided to give PvP a chance saying to myself "I'm only going to do this once just for the lulz" I joined a ground based arena map via the planet (Had no idea that you could queue from anywhere) waited and waited until I finally got a pop. Once I was in I actually started talking to this dude on the other side going by the name of 'Pie-Face' or something we decided it would be a good idea to take all our equipment off and have a fist fight, such a game changing experience. After that I could not stop was always in the queues mostly ground, space was to hard with all the people that I thought were using hax and exploits killing me over and over again, I was always the guy with the most deaths and least kills letting the team down.

I started running into this one guy 'Glitch' a lot, if it wasn't for him I would of only stayed a few months before leaving he was my go to PvP guy that had all the answers, He told me to join the channel we all love, OPvP. Once I started using OPvP more than zone I started seeing names everywhere, I was aware of who to look out for whenever I entered an arena, one of the biggest names was Aytanhi TralalaDPSlala, I secretly thought he was just another haxxor so in an attempt to findout I made my second toon, 'Keisyea', this toon was made with PvP and deafeating Aytanhi in mind. As I was leavling I made some important discoveries, first you can chain EPtS3 perfectly on a cruiser this is somewhat frouned upon by PvPers now because it's not very team friendly, but hell like I cared I was unkillable! well for the most part And secondly the weapon drain from 8 beams all firing at once is worth it.

This very build gave me the time to watch what was happening, since my reaction times are/were crappy it was perfect for me, fire and forget. It was almost like time had slowed down watching buffs and writing down the builds of the better players and watching how they rotate their buffs on different ships.

So next thing you know I hit RA! sweet end level PvP and my chance to have that 1v1 with Aytanhi! long story short I lost, yes, my dual EPtS3 super cruiser lost *sadface* I figured engy cruisers just weren't ment for 1v1s, my next goal was to out heal Era, I could get close but my damage was way off so a build change was in order! I watched and waited getting down all the info I could on cruisers 8 beams, drop the dual EPtS3, fly above or below the target circling everyone, distribute shields and fire all on the spacebar. My build had it all.

A few more months when by keeping the same build but improving the way I use it, I started getting invites to all the big PvP fleets, SOB, EMS, 528th, 7th core ect.. I have been in a few and even my own one man fleet, The Hammel Effect! but at last I have settled down and found a fleet I call home, Those dirty Spanish haxxors! TSI!

This has been my attempt at an inspirational story to encourage all the new doods to keep at it, we all start off terrible, apart from MT, he's a robot/pony hybrid.

tl;dr, I was once a terrible player, Glitch, Aytanhi and Era changed that, also dual EPtS3 builds are great for learning how to play, start off simple and work your way up.

Stop, Hammel time!

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