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11-21-2012, 07:39 AM
What I noticed immediately on release of season 7 is how complicated the entire reputation was (unnecessarily so,I might add ) :

- certain missions/events give certain reputation marks
- you then have to open another UI element to contribute these marks - and add other stuff - in order to fill the reputation for a faction
- you then have to wait x time for a project to complete and being able to start a new one
- you have to- again - use marks /other stuf for said faction to unlock items/abilities
- content opens up depending on your reputation

what makes more sense -at least to me - is to have certain zones,missions and events award x reputation per KILL for a faction ( far less complicated ) : no marks ,no nothing .Depending on what you kill and where you kill it , it can be romulan reputation or Omega . Bosses award more reputation .Completing quests , missions and events also grants you reputation instead of marks .When in a team each participant involved gets awarded the exact same amount of reputation.

No need to manually fill a gauge ,or wait a day for some "project " to complete , it's all automatic . Upon having a certain amount of reputation a tier unlocks ,opening a store for the faction and giving you the chance to buy stuff in that store .

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