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Shortly after the settlement of New Romulas communication and early warning systems in the Jouret System have mysteriously shut down. Concerned that this could lead to a new threat for the settlement and colonization of New Romulas Obi'sek reaches out for help.

The communication and early warning systems are vital to New Romulas. The Tal'Shiar have been tring, without much success, to gain a foot hold in the settlement. Hearing Obi'seks call for help the Federation / KDF agree to dispatch starships to investigate and repair the damaged systems.

Upon arriving in the system the fleet of 5 ships gets to work repairing the damaged Communication and early warning systems. As damage control teams are beamed aboard the arrays they Suddenly fall under attack. You are immediately hailed...

Sa'talar: I am Admiral Sa'talar of the Tal'Shiar. I can not allow you to distrupt our efforts to rejoin our people on New Romulas. We should have equal say in the future of our people.

You: I think your people have seen the Tal'Shiars handy work enough already. Lets not forget the Rator 3 failure at the hands of the Empress Sela and the Tal'Shiar.

Sa'talar: How dare you presume to know the struggles of my people...

You: How dare you force you way of life onto people who have decided a different path. We will be finishing our work here. You are here by ordered to leave the systen Sa'talar.

Sa'talar: We will see who will be leaving.

The comm channel is closed.

Tactical Officer: Sir, sensors are showing an extremely large amount of Romulan ships decloaking.

You: Red Alert!!! All hands to battle stations.

The Tal'shiar begins attacking the damaged arrays.

Optional Objective 1: Retrive your boarding parties before the arrays are destroyed.
Optional Objective 2: Keep at least 1 of the arrays from being destroyed.
Optional Objective 3: Keep all the the arrays from being destroyed.

As the last of the Tal'Shiar Armada is destroyed Sa'talar returns in his scimitar with 4 D'deridex class ships escorting him.

Sa'talar: You claim to want to help my people but yet you just murdered thousands of them.

You: Sa'talar, you were ordered to leave the system, instead you decided to fight. It was you who sent your people to thier deaths.

Again the comm channel is broken and Sa'talar attacks.

Mission Objective: Destroy the scimitar.

Moments before the scimitar explodes...

Sa'talar: This is not over.

Ops Officer: Sir Im dectecting massive transporter signals from the scimitar to the planets surface.

You: Helm set a course.

End STF.

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