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Many players, including myself, enjoy the concept of challenging content. At the same time many players, including myself, enjoy our ships not to explode within a matter of moments once we attract the NPCs attention.

As a major fan of history I would like to take a short trip down recent STO history regarding this topic. Elite STF difficulty becomes increased, leading to one shots, leading to difficulty decrease. This has happened many times now and it seems Cryptic is finding difficulty in finding that sweet spot, or happy middle ground.

The explanation for this is actually extremely simple when one looks at the game mechanics and hangs out on the PvP forums for a spell. It is caused by a combination of the following factors and how they act in relation to each other.

1) Actual shield totals and hull totals, or hit points, are extremely low
2) Resistance rates are high
3) Sustain/heal rates are high, going from low to full HP is very quick
4) Majority of resist abilities also heal or increases regeneration rates

This creates two major issues

1) Burst Damage is the only viable method to threaten a well built ship's ability to tank.
2) Major disparity in performance between ships with the 'proper' tank abilities, aka Emergency Power to Shields, and those without.

Leading to the one shots and some players having more difficulty than desired while others get bored.
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11-21-2012, 08:59 AM
While i agree with you on most of those points, i have one point to differ on:
how the hell is any ship, no matter how well built, supposed to withstand a 120k damage (i am not joking about thisby the way) from a gate that you didnt do anything to other then just sho up in the STF. ive soloed tac cubes in ISE, borg warships in CSE, and i always do fine up until either the gate or the cube gets its nose in my business and just oneshots me with 80k damage (fyi i fly fleet defiant which has roughly 50k hull strength since i maxed that out, and MACO 12 shields with full skills and field gen console, adds 12k shield strength) still is not enough to overcome most oneshots that get thrown at me, and im an eng with loads of diferent healing abilites. id essentially have to know when the oneshot is going to happen and time all of my buffs precisely then to aviod getting killed, which, im sure many of you know, is impossible to time that.
other then that, i wholeheartedly agree that the oneshotting, has to stop. harder difficulty does not just make things one shot you, thats just stupid.

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