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11-19-2012, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
Seriously! You think My objections to sexism means there is nothing in ST for me! Wow we must watch different shows.
If you have to make multiple posts about sexism in Star Trek, and campaign to remove a harmless picture of a semi-attractive Vulcan with her jacket zipper opened 1/3 down, then maybe to the former (insufficient data to generalize) and yes to the latter as previously established.

Ironically, my male toon is wearing the TOS command shirt and is showing more cleavage than Pretty Phaser Lady. Time start having salad for lunch!

Just sayin,

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11-19-2012, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by grylak View Post
What part of this game is actually representative of what Star Trek was? The going into random star systems and killing aliens who have a claim on archeological sites of prayer, so another species with the same claim who just happens to be friendlier with us can go and pray in peace with no attempt at a diplomatic solution?

Or the invading enemy bases and killing everyone there to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction, despite the person giving the orders is clearly unbalanced and should be sanctioned? (Before someone mentions Chain of Command, they already had the evidence before they went in).

The Doff missions are pretty much the only ones that truly capture what Star Trek was about.
All the more reason to hold on to one of the few things that is Trek in this game.
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Originally posted by nikdanger
This is a world with scantily clad Orion slave girls, miniskirted Federation uniforms, sexual pheromone excreting Deltans, nekkid Ferengi females and nekkid Betazoid's running around. Not to mention DS9's Dabo girls (I forgot about them in my last post), and 7 of 9 with her high heeled, exceptionally skin tight catsuit...and in the last movie, didn't Kirk do the voyeuristic Peeping Tom bit with Uhura as she got dressed?
The thing with Orion is that the so called slave girls are actually incharge. If you look into the lore, Orion women are in charge and chose to be purchased by the rich and powerful throughout the quadrant to influence their decisions.

Betazoid are just norms for them. They get married in the nude as a tradition. There is no internal sexualization with in their culture. It is just everyday life for them.

Looking at the universe as a piece of fiction, it was written in the 70s. The network demanded the short skirt even though Roddenberry hated the idea. For Voyager, they had to bring in 7 of 9 to keep the show going, just for rating sake. If it wasn't for the rating Tess would've been still in the show.
But we are in a different era. We should grow beyond the superficiality of looks and focus on the contents.
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11-21-2012, 01:49 AM
Now the damn things on my launcher screen .
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

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JJ. Trek is just as canon and awesome as all other Trek, Get over it!
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11-21-2012, 05:26 AM
Is it just me or is the new art approaching Evony levels of advertising?

EDIT: okay I guess it's not just me.

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Ok, this is just stupid. You picked THAT crap for the launcher!?
Infinite possibilities have implications that could not be completely understood if you turned this entire universe into a giant supercomputer.
And I don't pretend to understand them.
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11-21-2012, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by alwaysalready View Post
Is it just me or is the new art approaching Evony levels of advertising?

EDIT: okay I guess it's not just me.
Not at the least; it's one of the running gags of this thread

I don't care how long you've been playing. I only care about how you play.
And remember to follow the rules.
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Ok, having unattractive phaser ditz on the front page was just whatever, I could set bookmarks to go directly to the forums, info page, etc. But now she's stalking me on the launcher too? I want a restraining order. Seriously, she creeps me out with that vacant stare and looking like she just tripped over something and accidentally discharged her phaser at some innocent passer-by.
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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
Ok, this is just stupid. You picked THAT crap for the launcher!?
I had a feeling there was something horribly wrong about the launcher...

Please, put the Vesta back there! Or Romulans! Or even the Nanov! (That desperate I am for getting rid of it.)
TOIVA, Toi Vaxx, Toia Vix, T'vritha, To Vrax: Bring in the Allegiance class
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Tae'Va, T'Vaya, To'Var, T'Vira, To'Vrak: Give us Asylums for Romulans

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11-21-2012, 02:15 PM
YES! YES! YES! More provocative ladies please!

Since this went up my PWRD stock jumped, so is there any chance we can get a Seven look alike in a swimsuit up on the left side?

Thank you.

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