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11-21-2012, 11:21 AM
Considering the amount of dil cutting that was done in s7- around 80-90% by my consideration and im talking in a certain given amount of time ex. before u could have made up to 9kdil in 15 minute if u were lucky now..u get 1k- the market price should have plummeted, but im still waiting because i know some players had huge dil reserves and also the starbase 24 bug threw in game alot of undeserved dil.
So i dont want to speculate yet but the around 140 dil per 1 zen mark i think its still very high considering the dil cuts, so either people are still feeding from those reserves or ..the company dumps dil on the market.I would personally expect that the final dil per zen price should be more around 100-110 mark in the near future unless ?someone? rigs it .

Anyway i want to point im not an economics expert but if the company actually dumps dil on the market its actually hurting them-because makes dil cheaper therefore dil buyers can buy alot with fewer zen ergo fewer cash while also the dil products price stay the same- unless of course they keep it to a minimum.

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