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Hey there.

I'm a bit of an altaholic--I've got at least ten characters so far, probably more (been a while since I last counted), with the majority being Fed Characters with a few Klingons, as well.

And one of my rules for each of my characters is that each one will end up in a different ship when they hit the level cap. That way, I can try out everything.

I'm thinking of making a new character or two fairly soon, and I have a few ideas in mind for Race/Career Combos, with my main problem being what ship I want them to have at the Level Cap.

I'll list the various combos I came up with here, in the hopes that you all can figure out a perfect VA-Level or Fleet-Level ship for each one.

And don't base your advice solely on stats--those are important, but I'm also looking for a ship that best fits each character in the aspect of story/RPing, as well.

Also, Keep in mind that I'm just worrying about Federation Characters here--I'll probably do a separate thread in the Klingon Fleetyards for characters on that side of the fence

Anwyay, here's my list:

Betazoid/Science (Planning on making this one something of a doctor)
Joined Trill/Engineering
Klingon Tactical
Human/Tactical (going for a Covert Ops feel for this one--a lone agent going behind enemy lines, with most of their support crew in a small outpost in Federation Space [Small Craft Only for this one])

Also, here's a list of the ships I already have or have planned for other characters:

Fleet Tac Escort Retro
Fleet Escort Retro
Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier (will go with a regular HEC until my Fleet's Shipyard hits Tier 5)
Assault Cruiser Refit
Fleet Advanced Escort (as a backup vessel for the character with the Assault Cruiser Refit)
Fleet Long-Range Science Vessel Retro
Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel

I look forward to hearing everyone's advice on this matter.

PS: If you have another Race/Career Combo that you think might work for me, and a good ship to go with that combo, please let me know.
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