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I have been playing STO from the start! I have been incredibly focused on one character and have obtained nearly every special ship via lobi and lock boxes. I am very focused on staying on top of the game in every area including custom foundry missions and the new reputation system. I have been in a couple fleets, but the longest one was the one I ran myself. It was very difficult to find other senior members who take responsibility for their position and make the other fleet leader's job a little easier. I love my current fleet but I am not great at recruiting so I am hoping to find a higher position that will utilize my knowledge and skills within a larger fleet.

I am looking for a management position in another fleet that is farther along in the starbase process and would be willing to accept my website and foundry skills to better your fleet.

Please visit my current fleet website (that i created) and reply to this post with any questions or offers.

Not 100% sure I'm ready to give up on my fleet since we have so many things to offer that other fleets do not... but Im open to offers and suggestions at this point.

Director of Marketing

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