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11-22-2012, 12:11 AM
Originally Posted by rezking View Post
After weeks worth of Elite STF runs, I've come to the OPINION that Torpedo Spread is a rubber crutch.
Pure filler.
It's only saving grace is the ability to hit multiple targets if they include Boarding Parties and High Yield Plasma Torps.

Damage-wise, it's marginally better than a single Torpedo IMO.
The argument of being superior for closely packed targets (like the Borg BoP's charging the Kang on Cure) is just that, an argument.
Sure, you can damage both with TS(3) but not bringing down shield facings (assuming you're the only one firing on them).

Torpedo Spread is good, for non-STF play.
NEVER sacrifice HY for TS unless it's specifically for countering Boarding Party and enemy HY Plasma Torps.

totally wrong. i have TS3 and i usually fire it at a group of enemies. after the torpedoes are on their way, i target every one of those 3 enemys to give them a salve of my cannons. this usually drops down one of their shields. a second later, the torpedoes arrive and do the rest. it ALWAYS depends on your playstyle and if you can, you can utilize the TS3 very good.
What ? Calaway.

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