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11-18-2012, 04:56 AM
i have the cloak and found myself switching it out for theta radiation to help slow down those pesky nanite spheres etc. cloak is prity useless in PVE personally. it is kinda handy in PVP which to be honest doesn't really exist anymore so no complaints really. have to say though if PVP took off big time and open sector PVP became a reality a battle cloak would be good. Theirs not much defence against an enemy that basically focuses all attacks on a single ship and flies away cloaked to re-heal and repeat over and over again. yes theirs mines and other things but really it gets annoying after a while. kinda ruines PVP for the feds. I know the klinks dont get much their way but it does destroy PVP a little. Maybe some day we can all dream of an equal klingon empire to the feds. where both sides are fully fleshed out and combat is fair and fun. maybe then things will change. till then i doubt any change will occur.
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11-19-2012, 10:57 AM
With the imbalance in ships in favor of the Feds, I'm honestly amazed to see people still harping on the "battle cloak gives the BOP an unfair tactical advantage" routine.

Does having one of the most durable, maneuverable 5-TAC console escorts in the game not equate to the same thing for the Feds? Last time I checked the Fl. Defiant still gets the benefit of a Cloaked Alpha?

Would the Feds be prepared to give up some hull and shields and replace the 5-TAC consoles with 4 for the BC? Seems fair? I would gladly defend that.

And when will the Feds stop comparing escorts with Raiders?

Yes the BOP has the Battle cloak. Woop-dee-woop.

It also has one less turret, less hull, less shields and less Tac consoles.

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11-21-2012, 12:03 PM
Battle Cloak would give me a reason to get the old betsy out of moth balls and back into the fight.

Originally Posted by bridgern View Post
With the new 1000 day Vet ships the Klingons got now an escort with a battle cloak, I think it is time that also the Defiant get's a battle cloak. Otherwise the Federation is completly loosing out against the Klingons, that can mount on every ship Cannons, and 95% of their ships have a cloak, battle cloak or advanced battle cloak.
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11-21-2012, 09:19 PM
agreed since klingon treaty is broken we have the cloak tech why not battle cloak that gose for dreadnought as well
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11-21-2012, 11:07 PM
*le sigh* This thread is still going?

The Khitomer Accords don't involve the Federation's usage of cloaking technology. The Treaty of Algeron, which was signed by the Federation and Romulan Star Empire, which partially said that the Federation would not develop cloaking technology. It was also kind of a sign of good faith to other powers (such as the Klingons, Cardassians, etc) that they wouldn't do so, even if those other powers didn't sign that Treaty too.

That aside, I am not gonna to waste anyone's time by re-saying the same arguments, since they apparently don't seem to make a slightest bit of difference considering this thread is still here. I will just say this:

Give up a tac console, a rear weapon port, a good percentage of your hull and shields, and you may have your battle cloak, because otherwise you just want an already very powerful escort, to gain a very large advantage for no cost aside from one mere console slot.

Plus, think about this: If there is ever a Romulan faction, about 95% of their ships will have cloaking as well, and possibly even some new/different cloaking based tech on their ships, or even potentially on the ground. I can see it now: "I want a perfect cloak like the Scimitar has!" Regardless, I doubt those future Romulan players will like the idea of giving up any advantages their faction has just because a Federation player wants it.

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11-22-2012, 01:55 AM
Here's the deal: roll up a Klingon and get a Bird of Prey if you want the Battlecloak!

Teh BC is the ONLY real advantage a BoP has-everywhere else, it's weaker than an equivalent role Fed ship (well, except manuevering, but what do you expect when your hull is about as tight as a runabout's? Runabouts turn circles around you in a BoP!)

Klink players in Ker'rat alpha -and- cloak because unlike even a two-tiers lower Fedscort, they don't have the HULL to tank out a one-on-one with your cruiser/Escort/Sci builds-it's literally the ONLY METHOD THAT WORKS ON THAT DESIGN.

Can you dig that? the Defiant, as it is, not even Fleet version, can reliably fight a stand-up, fixed-piece, attritional battle and come out of it intact. you can not DO that in a Bird of Prey.

not even the Hoh'sus, arguably the toughest of the current breed (and certainly the one with the best weapons consoles), even in FLEET kit, can manage a stand-up battle without the Cloak...which doesn't always work, and often puts the user in a bad situation (esp. when feds ball up and drop mines.)

What you're asking for, is to take an already powerful ship, with some of the best manuver stats, hull, shields and weapons in the game, and give it an advantage normally reserved for what is arguably the weakest and squishiest ship in the game, an advantage that is the only balancing factor FOR said weak and squishy ship.

Tellya what...Feds, you may have your BC, but we want something good in return-maybe immunity to Subnucleonic Beam and Tractor Beam Repulsors, or maybe immunity to Sensor scan in return, and immunity while cloaked to minefields.

THAT would make up for taking the only factor tha balances the BoP as a viable Player vessel, and handing it to people who've already got better ships in every possible way for a deep discount compared to KDF.
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11-22-2012, 04:36 AM
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11-22-2012, 01:44 PM
Originally Posted by kyliesmiley222 View Post
hi are u afrikaans of english
What? The #$%&? Does this have to do with ANYTHING???
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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11-24-2012, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by bridgern View Post
With the new 1000 day Vet ships the Klingons got now an escort with a battle cloak, I think it is time that also the Defiant get's a battle cloak. Otherwise the Federation is completly loosing out against the Klingons, that can mount on every ship Cannons, and 95% of their ships have a cloak, battle cloak or advanced battle cloak.
The one thing that is really a factor are the numbers in any pvp zone at any given time. The federation grossly out numbers the klingons and it is always used to they're advanatge
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11-24-2012, 11:46 AM
Give the Qin, Somraw and other raptors a fifth Tac console slot and a battle cloak, remove the handicaps put upon the Bird of Prey vessel lines for having battle cloak in the first place and we may be aproaching fairness in wether or not the Defiant deserves a battle cloak.
Otherwise NO
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