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The left impulse engine FX (meaning ALL "effects" that use the impulse engine hardpoints) have different XYZ coordinates and scales.

result: impulse engine trails are always thicker on the right engine:

and the icons above the engines if you activate Emergency Power to Engines look like this:

I have used this Ship for 3 Years now, upgraded the original T5 Sovereign to the Regent Class and am waiting for a Fleet Version of it.
I have won 1st Place in a Ship Custumization contest hosted by Tribbles in Extasy TrekRadio show and got a Galor Class because they liked what i did with my Ship!

I have bug reported this visual annoyance plenty of times, iv'e seen other Threads highlight this issue from other users, so i'm not alone.

Which Dev do i need to PayPal Beer Money to get this fixed?
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11-22-2012, 09:57 AM
I used to use that exact same ship design! The Imperial neck just looks right with the Noble saucer.

I've posted this bug at least twice on the forums, it's been a definitely-known issue since the Aegis set was introduced but I've never seen anything about a plan to fix it, unfortunately. I can't imagine it would be difficult, since it's just a scale issue, but I have no modeling experience so I can't say that with any certainty. Older ships just don't get graphical passes since the creation of newer ships is higher priority.

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