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Not sure how to bug report this as I have no idea what is causing it. I am unable to change Bridge officers and half the bridge officer slots are empty. My power bar on the other hand has a ton of powers including powers none of my bridge officers have. I have 6 Hazard Emitters, 6 Transfer shield Strength, Grav well x2 , Photon shockwave x3, Charged Part Burst.and well the list is massive and all the powers work.

EDIT: Changing ships, changing zones, logging out of game and back in does not fix the problem. Added screenshot. http://imageshack.us/f/716/extrapowers.jpg/

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11-22-2012, 02:58 PM
Yea this ones creating quite a bit of fun. If you dont like your crazy superpowered ship head to a shipyard and start setting all the officer slots and shuttle slot to a real none not the slightly bugged ones you have atm. I found it works best by placing whoever can fit in the slot thats different then going to none getting that for all ship and shuttle spaces swap to a different ship reapeat setting none then go back to your first one and make sure all are really none and not a bugged display of none.

Otherwise we have been promised a patch "Soon".

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