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Ok, right now we have one wrapper mission that rewards us with 1440 Dilithium and 50 Fleet Marks on completion.

To get that reward we have to play 3 missions of at least 15 minute length.

When I play a mission I never know how long it is.

The author can either build the mission to fit into that 15 minute minimum requirement or tell a deeper story that is actually fun.

But it would still need at least 45 minutes, often 2-3 times as long to get the reward which would not be enough for 2+ hours. Since you can earn 4-5 times as much in the same amount with more grindy content.

My idea would be to split the wrapper mission daily.

Make it 3:

Daily No. 1: Complete one short patrol like mission for 480 Dilithium, that can be any mission from 5 minutes up.

Daily No. 2: If you completed Daily No. 1 you can play another mission of at least 20 Minute length for 1000 Dilithium. So for 2 missions of which one is at least 25 minutes you get 1480 Dilithium.
This mission can also be a Spotlight mission (with the new spotlight mission, some extra dilithium on top)

Daily No. 3: Complete any Foundry mission of the 20 minute category to earn the 50 Fleet marks. Can be completed together with Daily No. 1 or 2.

Example 1: You complete only 1 Foundry mission of less than 20 Minutes: 480 Dilithium

Example 2: You complete only 1 Froundry mission of 20+ minutes: 480 Dilithium + 50 Fleetmarks

Example 3: You complete any 2 Foundry missions of which one is at least 20+ minutes: 1480 Dilithium + 50 Fleet Marks

Example 4: You complete only the Spotlight Daily Mission: 1920 Dilithium (assuming Spotlight daily is 1440) + 50 Fleet Marks

Example 5: You complete 2 Foundry missions of which 1 ist a Spotlight Mission: 2920 Dilithium +50 Fleet Marks

So, I wouldnt call that an Exploit and it would still make Foundry content very rewarding for everyone.

This system would let everyone play exactly the Foundry content they enjoy. Short shoot'em ups or deeper story content.

You could even tell which missiosn are really the shorter kind, because they would be tagged as viable for Daily 1 or Daily 1,2 and 3.

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