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Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit: U.S.S. Baton Rouge
Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit: U.S.S. Ranger
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel: I.S.S. Constrictor (had the mirror universe material)
Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer : U.S.S. Wasp

the U.S.S. ships are named for ships that served in the US Navy... the Wasp dates back to 1775,

so for me I try to keep with at the very least the WW2 conventions for naming ships, Carrier and flight deck ships for the various classes of carriers from WW2, Cruisers for Cruisers, and Escorts are named after Destroyers and Frigates

thats how I select my ship names
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I try to name my ships topically. Our fleet is based in HI, so most of my engineer's ship names are thematically Hawaiian. My Science captain's primary purpose was for crafting, so I named her ships after famous researchers or centers of knowledge. My Tactical captain ended up with science fiction authors, although Ol' Scream 'n' Leap's current ship is the Jagermonster (2 credits if you know the reference! )
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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
The only thing I hate is seeing all the variations of the name Enterprise as wel as gods like Odin and Thor.
i try to use themes not scifi related. my Main toon uses ships named after the characters from the play CATS. currently flying the chimaera class Victoria, after the white cat.
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on the other hand some have really classic names.. USS Rustoleum, USS Bucket o bolts USS Not in the Face.. ect
If the next Star Trek is on Showtime or HBO, Kirk will look like a prude.

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And then you get people like me. The USS Cattywampus, with its' shuttle, the Bandbox.
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Oberth class USS Penguin. Seemed appropriate for an Oberth somehow.

Miranda class USS Senak. Just a made-up Vulcan name.

Olympic/Hope/Horizon mix-n-match class USS Gamete. 'Cause it looks like a sperm, and because it seems like a somewhat poetic and sci metaphor for what the Fed does: contact new cultures and invite them into the Fed melting pot- combination, hybridization, cross-pollination, etc.

Excelsior class (T5) USS Halifax. It's what the random name generator gave it, and I though "eh, seems a likely enough name for an actual ST ship, so sure, why not".

Danube class USS Esquilax. My one in-game joke name, but just obscure and sciencey-sounding enough to make it a stealth joke.

My foundry ship is the Miranda class USS Mac 'Cheese. Yes, it has orange plating.

Klink ships:

Norgh BOP class IKS Needle in Bone

K'Tinga class IKS Flower of Iron

Toron Shuttle IKS Nail Underfoot

Vor'Kang Class (T5 retrofit) IKS Blackened Tree

Foundry Klink ship is the Norgh BOP class IKS Pomme Fritz.

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