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Originally Posted by l2veyron View Post
I have a noob question relating to my BO's but not allowed to start a thread? anyway i cant assign my tac or science officers into my stations and from reading it would seem its because ive ranked them up and the stations are for ensigns, BUT, i have an engineer in an ensign slot no prob who is lt rank? and on other parts of the forum ppl say u can put higher ranks into low rank slots you'll just lose access to the higher rank space ability. Now here is my question, if you get access to your officers abilities in space by putting them in stations, why is it i can use my BO's unlocked abilities in space who aren't even in a station at all and why can i assign a lt engineer into an ensign slot but not my lt tac or science officer into an ensign slot as well?

Please help lol
You are misunderstanding how Bridge Stations work. Bridge Stations have 2 attributes the class/career of the Bridge officer that is allowed to be assigned to it and a rank. Allowable Bridge Officers (BOFFs) will be Tactical, Engineering, Science or Universal. If the allowed BOFF are career specific, you can only assign a BOFF of that career to that station; i.e. you can only assign an Engineering BOFF to an Engineering Bridge Station. Rank does not matter in this regard. You can assign any Bridge Officer to a Universal Station.

Rank of the Station comes into play when determining which abilities of the assigned BOFF can be used. The Rank of a Station is the highest ranked abilities of the BOFF that can be used. So if you assign a Commander rank BOFF to a Lieutenant Rank Bridge Station, you will only be able to used the Ensign and Lieutenant rank abilities of the BOFF. Likewise, you can slot an Ensign ranked BOFF into a Commander Rank station, but you'll only be able to use the Ensign rank abilitiy of the BOFF So the rule of thumb is that the higher of the Rank of the Station or the Rank of the Bridge Officer determined the most powerful ability of the Bridge Officer assigned to the station.

Extra Commissioned Bridge Officers (i.e. BOFF on the left side of the Stations window) which are not assigned to a Bridge Station don't have any affect in space. However you can change Station assignments anytime you are not in combat.

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