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Hello!, i am pretty much pleased by the new season 7 (saving for the "thing" with some of the foundry missions not being usable in the investigate reports), and my requests are not concerned to any specific season, they are more of a simple thing that i have realized, and that i am sure you can easily "fix" (nothing is broken really).
I have been sitting around in the places where you can normally see ships flying around (Defera, SFA, New Romulus and so), mostly just sitting on a bench with my pet and enjoying the day, and i have realized, why is there allways the same kind of ship flying around?, i mean, there are many shuttles and small ships available, and i know you have the models because i have seen them even in foundry missions, so why do you not put more ships?, i do not know about you guys, but it is very nice to enjoy watching the cars pass by while sitting in you frontyard, partially because you see many different cars, just imagine how it would be if all the cars where the same! .
It would be very very nice to see all the different shuttles and some odd fighter or big ships flying arund on SFA, maybe th big ships could be just silhouettes high in the sky?, also it would be very nice to see FED and KDF ships flying around in Defera and New Romulus!.
This is just a request, i do not know if somebody asked for this before (i have not seen posts about this), but i would like that you could consider it.
Also, it would be nice if, since we can not edit the costumes of our special BOFF?s, we could at least see them with the proper Starfleet/KDF insignia, like some schange officer that have appered in the show many times.
Thanks for your time and for the new content!.
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11-24-2012, 03:57 PM
So..., nobody agrees?.
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That might sound like a good idea in theory, but in order for the big ships to be close enough to the ground to be seen, they would have to be flying pretty deeply in the atmosphere, which except for Voyager and the BOP, never took place that I'm aware of. The BOP was one of the 12-man scout ships and still overpowered the whaling boat in size. Voyager could go atmospheric, but it was a really big deal, requiring a blue alert and whatnot..

Long story short, if one of the big ships is visible from the ground without a telescope, it's mostly likely going to crash very nearby.

EDIT: Ok, I just read your post again and noticed you were mostly proposing to have the smaller vessels visible from the ground. I wouldn't have a problem with that unless it increased the computer processing load substantially and slowed down the game.

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11-24-2012, 04:30 PM
Yes i know, i was talking mostly about frigates and smaller, but it was just a "wild"suggestion, as you said, my main request was to have the most models of shuttles, runabouts and other small vessels as possible, i do not think it should necessary affect frame rates, as i was just talking about replacing an amount of the Shuttles for other crafts, not adding more.
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