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11-24-2012, 06:33 PM
Don't play that role much myself, but I'd try something like:

EPtA, Aux2Batt, ES2 or Aux2Sif, ES3 or Aux2Sif3




ST1, TSS2 or HE2, HE3 or TSS3

While high level ST is nice imo the resists of TSS3 or HE3 would be better. Aux2batt should knock near 15 sec off the TSS or HE cooldowns (45 * .7 = 31.5). PH should help keep you from being pushed away by TBR iirc.
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11-24-2012, 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Don't play that role much myself, but I'd try something like:

EPtA, Aux2Batt, ES2 or Aux2Sif, ES3 or Aux2Sif3




ST1, TSS2 or HE2, HE3 or TSS3

While high level ST is nice imo the resists of TSS3 or HE3 would be better. Aux2batt should knock near 15 sec off the TSS or HE cooldowns (45 * .7 = 31.5). PH should help keep you from being pushed away by TBR iirc.
I don't think Aux2bat is a good idea for a healer since it drops your aux power down to 5, which is what most heals are based on. PH could be good. I have noticed sometimes people will push me away from the team just to keep me from giving heals, which is pretty smart by them. And the Recluse is not the most agile ship so it takes a while to get back into the fray.

Edit: On second thought, doesn't polarize hull just negate the damage of TBR? I don't think it does anything to counter the push power. I could be wrong as this is not a power I usually run.

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11-24-2012, 07:01 PM
An Eng in a Sci running dual AtB, EPtA, and Energy Siphon is one of the buggier things out there... if you throw in an EPt DOFF - use EPSPT- slap on a MACO shield... well, it would be interesting to see the actual numbers instead of the 125s. Their formula will usually result in you having more AUX than you did originally - ignoring the drain...buggy. Of course, you'll want to carry AUX batteries, though. Because every now and again it will zero your AUX as well. It definitely needs a QA pass.

I wonder what that would have been like if I had the RMC or even when I picked up the EPM.

I run around in PUGland and gave up on healing. The majority of folks don't even redistribute their got to be too painful being that aware of what the folks on your own "team" were doing for me. You see the mistakes you used to make, the mistakes you still make from time to time... yeah, I wish all the healers the best - thanking them for the patience and tolerance that I sorely lack to get that job done.
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something like this with ST cd doffs. ST3 is my main spot heal. I use ET mainly for a counter for disables.

Oops, forgot to change the TT in this build. I'd slot a target engines1 in place of a TT if your in a premade. If pugging, a TT may be necessary for yourself if you can't rely on your teams escorts to throw you a bone

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Sample 1

Sample 2 with photonic studies science doff purple

recommended for both warp core engineer x1 (shield dammage resistence with extend)
3x emmiter array min
and multiple sif generator

I also have a more advance build with aux to batt with 3 technician

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11-25-2012, 12:40 PM
In regards to consoles I use-
2 Neutronium
3 Emitter Arrays
1 Field Gen
1 Team Fortress
1 Jump Console
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11-25-2012, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post

I can tell you how i flew my Atrox healer.

What i recommend and what should be KEY in a healer build is using Photonic Officer 3 with 2 Photonic doffs to lower CD even further. It will lower CD by a whopping 40-45% all depending on Doff quality. This will help you in 2 ways:

1. It enables you to run a single copy of any relevant skill since you`ll have it back as fast as if you ran 2 copies of it.

2. It gives you flexibilty to choose varied skills so you aint restricted to using multiple copies of X heal to keep up.

So run a PO3, TSS3, HE2 and ST1 on one Sci commander, and spread out remainder heals on the other Boffs.

Good luck.
no need for that. its all in the doffs 2x purple sci team doffs. so what i do have on my cat carrier is sphyon 3(not sure what it does to the person but it sure as hell buffs my systems)
sci team 3 tss 2 he 3 2 tb 1 x2 epts 1 extends 1 epts 3 and i do have a tt 1. i hardly ever use tt. its more of a oh crap need to use it with tss. like a poor mans rsp. i wish i could try po3 but that only comes on an unlocked bo. tho i did get that bo during the winter advent. over wrote po3 like a moron.
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11-25-2012, 06:43 PM
Current setup I'm using on my Eng/Vesta:

Lt Tac:
Tac: FAW 1, AP: Delta 1
Lt Eng: EPtS 1, Aux to SIF 1
Ens Uni: Tractor Beam 1
LtC Uni: HE 1, SciTeam 2, TSS 3
Cmdr Sci: HE 1, SciTeam 2, TSS 3, *whatever Cmdr Sci ability my team needs*

I've got 4 Shield Emitter consoles that really boost my shield healing. And my Fermion Field is just through the roof. It's giving what's essentially TSS 4.5 and HE 4.5 in one. Higher heals per tick, for 5 more ticks, as an AoE. That thing is really amazing.

I chose TSS 3/ST 2 over TSS2/ST 3 because my ST 2s are pumping out ~3.6k instant heal on their own. I find that difference between ST 2 and 3 isn't really too noticeable when considering that TSS 2 vs 3 gives substantially more healing and a higher resistance. Shield resistance > a slightly larger instant heal.

I also chose to go with the 'double abilities' route instead of Photonic Officer because PO doesn't have 100% uptime and an SB can really screw up your heal cycle.
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
If PvP were dead, then Cryptic would stop adding things to kill it. So obviously it's not dead, and that's why Cryptic needs to keep adding things to try to kill it.

Seriously, go through and look at how many things have next to zero use for PvE but make PvP that much worse, eh?

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11-26-2012, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by skurf View Post
I figured I would add it if I needed it, but it hasn't seemed I have needed it so far with all the other shield heals and miracle worker. It'd be a nice safety net I suppose. Maybe I could add it, take away a ET, and add ET cooldown reducing doffs.
Yeah, my main healer took Era's build a long time ago and hasn't let it go of it since. Doffs allow me more flexibility now though. I love my Mirror Vorcha healer on one of Klingon Engs.

RSP is a god send for a healer. It's saved me so many times. The trick is to not use it too late. So many use it when they're like 10% hull or so, it just goes to waste. It can be great if your shields are about to buckle.

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