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11-24-2012, 09:38 PM

If the game has a lot of items you really want OP, and you feel forced to spending money I'd say they are doing their job right...

About the reputation system, though I hate it as much as the next guy, I recognize they met us halfway not once but twice.
From removing dilithium cost to cutting down leveling time to actually adding dilithium as a reward.

The f2p model in this game is far superior to anything I ever saw, having access to nearly everything but I sometimes wonder if it's at the expense of the subscribers.

And though I for the most parts didn't like season 6 nor season 7 I think the amount of content is actually good.
We have had new maps and new ships and what not coming out at a steady pace while I've been here.
I don't enjoy the new denture zone myself but I know a lot people think it's really great so I have to give them props for at least adding to the game.

And finally yes there are things that need work which they acknowledge and I look at it as they started from scratch and are rebuilding, I don't doubt that things will get better.

True enough however that kdf and pvp seem to be at the buttom of their list.

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