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I decided to give myself the vesta pack for my birthday.

I took her on a test run with this configuration:

mk xii aux dual cannon quad phaser cannon wide angle quantum launcher

3x ph turret aft

aegis set

borg console armor du jour

field gen part gen

vesta 3 pc set

3x phaser relay

tt1 ts2 csv2
tt1 crf 1
epts1 aux2SIF1

I was worried about the vesta being able to turn well enough to use duals effectively. it does unless you are up against an escort or shuttle. sadly i had a hard time getting her to point to unleash the cannon. i have similar issues with aiming Defiant as well, not sure what it is in my makeup that prevents it I fly the MVAE well enough.

I like the tac+ sci combo, though i think the feedback pulse might be better swapped with another power.

also, this build is a bit limited engaging multiple small targets (peregrines) fortunately the Danubes help out there. I'm thinking 2 DBB fore, and 3 beam arrays aft might be more viable, since the DBBs would give a good punch with beam overload 2, and FAW a good area sweep. the aft beam arrays would be good for the 270 degree arc, and the wide angle quantum adding additional firepower. I was skeptical about the set powers, but the field effect is good for survivability, and it helps the danubes as well, and the bubble is a great OH CRAP button, since it gives you time to regen shields and hull. oddly enough the phaser attack did not seem to work, but the only time i tripped it was when iI was in a turn and burn mode. more testing for playability is definitely in order, and i have not quite decided on 3 arrays and 2 DBBs or 5 arrays.
overall, the vesta is a more interesting class than the odyssey, just because it can turn.

thoughts/comments welcome.

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