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11-16-2012, 08:08 AM
Vesta model.

1. The same issue as the t5 excelsior use to have, the Impulse engines only partially swap to special engine trails for items such as the omega / maco engine. The one that seems to misbehave is the outside trail on the saucer section.

2. I did not infact name my vesta 09870987098709870987098

This seems to be an issue only with the vesta saucer as the others seemed to display ok. Also the flight deck portion of the vesta displays the name correctly.

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11-16-2012, 02:31 PM
The Tier 3 Heavy Cruisers are totally uncustomizeable, I've tried everything I can think of, the changes I've purchased just wont apply!
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# 1633 Sao Palo Defiant Problems
11-25-2012, 03:39 AM
Sao Palo Defiant Problems

Problem # 1

The Vigilant nacells fit on the Sao Palo's hull is really awarkard & Ugly. The nacells are way to low and look stupid. This needs to be fixed. Also part of the hull cuts out of the top of the nacell's top. Devs can this be fixed ?

Problem # 2

The Quad phasers controll my forward Phaser Cannons. But i'm running 3 phaser turrets on the rear that is not controlled by the Quad cannons. they fire out of sync.

Problem # 3

The material type 6 skin cannot be applied it you use any of the other defiant parts.

Please leave some good feedback I wish a DEV would respond or it would get someone's attention. i love the Defiant and would love to see these little problems fixed.

Thx ~ OOP
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Hello there!

When I first started playing season 7, I was happy to see the Acamarians were in it. I enjoy seeing the various characters from the different series in the show. When I played the Acamarian system, I thought the Acamarian ships looked a little weird. Then this weekend, I realized what it was that was wrong, the Acamarians were using TALARIAN ships!

This is an Acamarian Ship:

This is a Talarian ship:

They look similar but there is a difference.

I just thought I'd share that tidbit of info. Have a great day!

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12-08-2012, 01:08 AM
[Fixed by disabling visuals on shild]
I do also have a window problem with the constiution class. All my windows have a strenge white T on them. It may be a graphic problem on my computer, but I think it is releated to the model.
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12-09-2012, 01:26 AM
May have already been mentioned, but this thread is huge..


Beautiful, but two small problems.

1) Impulse engines are in the wrong place.

They should be on the back of the saucer. The "cut-outs" for them are already there, there's just nothing there..

2) There seems to be a bug with the "camera" being too far back. It makes it turn kind of weird (As if it's front-heavy) and when looking at it in the shipyard, it becomes obvious that the camera pivot point is too far aft.

3) The 1st option under Windows (when you're customizing the ship) removes all of the lifeboats and the windows look stretched and really really bad.

Other then that, beautiful ship. Enjoying it very, very much.
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12-09-2012, 02:57 AM
The cropped winter coats clip through the torso of the character wearing them.
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12-09-2012, 09:23 PM
Couple more problems with the Steamrunner, in addition to those in my previous post.

1) It seems badly scaled. It's bigger then an Akira and wider then a Sovereign. David Stipes, DS9 visual effects supervisor, said the Steamrunner was 244 meters long. It should be roughly half the size of an Akira.

2) It doesn't have any floodlights covering the name and registry on either the dorsal or ventral surfaces.
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Hello again.
I have seen that a few models in game get retarded because of textures applied by components you put on the ship. Shilds, engines, deflectors and consoles that edit the ship visuals may tard up the model textures.

This is a problem with the T1 constition class. That error is caused by the shield. You can disable the visuals by right clicking the component and select disable visuals.
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An Escort that can't turn is not an Escort.
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12-10-2012, 03:30 AM
I have kept quiet about this, but there is just something that bugs me about the Defiant model.

Here is your model.

STO Defiant-class model

Here is the correct model:

Defiant-class model side view

The Valiant, so you can see what really bugs me.

When they designed the Defiant for the game, they broke her nose and pushed it back. I just wish they would... fix it.
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