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# 1 Make sub chars
11-25-2012, 10:54 AM
Well I deleted some charachters couldn't get them right so I deleted them.
Now building new chars is a problem .....

Dear Devs can you in anny way possible make it happen you can start a sub char next to your main but then go from a higher lvl ??

Starting klingon from commander is doable still to much work but doable.
Starting a New Fed char and start from scratch ( Luitenant ) is frustrating, takes me a whole week to repeat all those missions .

So for anny dev who might read this !!!

Can you make annything a skip rank button in the C-Store
Or like skip turtorial button but then you can somehow start as a captain right away.
Can you do anything to make this a bit more fun and easy on the line ???


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