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11-25-2012, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by dariuskoronikov View Post
but i find it silly where there are mainly white uniforms or ones that don;t have alot of red or yellow or blue/greenyblue

I guess it is one of those things that most if not all of us have been fans of star trek for many years..why would we then create such a silly non canon uniform?
The later TNG movies show dress uniforms that are white with departmental color pinstriping/piping. Could be that's what some folks are going for.

My own toon's uniform is white because the early movie era is my nostalgia sweet spot, and my char is sci, so I tried to design a uniform that felt like it was in the same family as the various background engie/sci/starbase uniforms seen from TMP to ST-VI. So more off-white and earth tone than actual white, but still. I'm basically assuming/RPing a fleet meta equivalent of the red/gold/blue shipboard division system: the "hero" crews seen in the shows wear the fleet meta equivalent of a red duty uniform, because they're front line multitaskers who handle most of the contact work, while support/logistics division ships have their own uniform, and so on with sci division ships.

My away team boffs get utility versions of my toon's off-white uniform, and my shipboard boffs get a derivation of the TNG two-tone pattern (1, 2, 3). Again, it's kind of a different role/different uniform idea, but with a sort of white collar/blue collar division: folks who's job involves getting their hands dirty get utility uniforms, while folks who operate consoles and viewscreens get the more minimalist & dressy TV-style uniforms. Although My toon should wear the dressy type in theory, I created a sort of intermediate uniform for her instead because she she goes on away missions all the time.

A lot of it on my part isn't so much trying to make my character's uniform distinctive as it is RPing what I'd like to imagine as the standard uniform(s), since I don't like the Cryptic default/official versions.

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Within the Frontier Fleet, we use the Sierra-1 uniform, several variants are allowed (each paying homage to one of the on-screen uniforms) depending upon the situation.

Type 1 (TNG homage) is the standard ship/base-board duty uniform
Type 2 (Early DS9/VOY) is the equivalent to combat or utility uniform--used on escorts and ground combat
Type 3 (late DS9/TNG movies) is not used in Frontier Fleet, but could easily be considered a "black ops" uniform
Type 4 (All Good Things) is the most obvious evolution of the "canon" version, we use it as our dress uniform.


There are a few rules we follow with regards to uniform wear. Mainly, "fleet rank = in-game rank" UP TO Captain. Admiral is reserved for fleet staff.

Silver combadge & rank is default, gold for staff.

The piping on the dress uniform (Type 4) is black, except for flag officers, who wear gold piping.

Of course, this is all a game... to each their own. But this works for us. It makes sense and gives us a sense of immersion without being completely restrictive.
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12-02-2012, 09:53 PM
The reason why they were all in different uniforms is there was supposed to be a new uniform that they designed and decided to not go with at the last minute....playmates still put out the toys with the discarded uniform and a quick google search will show what they would have looked like

Originally Posted by lincolninspace View Post
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12-03-2012, 04:15 PM
Yeah, that's one of the more infamous behind the scenes goofs that went into Generations. They didn't have the time/budget to get the new uniforms made, so they basically had to raid the DS9 wardrobe closet and hope whatever they grabbed would fit (as it obviously didn't in Frakes's case). If you look closely, there's all kinds of mix-n-match going on both with the uniforms and the rank buttons.
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01-21-2013, 09:03 PM
Honestly I don't think they needed to come out with a reason why everyone has a different uniform. In TOS (Kirk's wraparound tunic) and TNG(Picard's jacket look) the Captain's had an alt costume that no one else wore.
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01-22-2013, 06:48 AM
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