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11-26-2012, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
We all know what this is about, right?

So, ask yourself this simple scorecard and rate your honest commitment on a virtual scale of your commitment to the longevity of PvP.

  1. I actively seek out to exploit powers when I know that they are currently deemed as broken, and go to great lengths to justify them as ok, both to myself and others.

  2. I use console powers not necessarily because of their damage potential which I know is not great, but the unintended side effects of lag they do cause to another player.

  3. "I" must survive.

  4. I would rather save that HE for myself that extend it to a team mate.

  5. I spawn camp before moving away, not allowing the other side to advance.

  6. When someone brutally kills me, I insult them via PM or zone chat, instead of PM them afterwards to congratulate them.

  7. I find it easier to blame the devs for the system, but am still quite "innocent", happily running three SNB (take your pick) doffs.

Scary looking in the mirror? I know I was.
1. No. I do not use broken stuff but I have no problems using some p2w like leech. I have my own morals on what I use. I stay away from certain consoles and I do not use broken stuff like the TBR bug or voldi.

2. I never cause lag intentionally.

3. Yes and no. Survival is important in the arena, I don't care that much about dying in cnh. But even in the arena most of the time I don't even try run. I stay, fight, use my heals and if it is not enough I die.

4. Depends on the situation and what I am playing. As a healer I generally heal everybody. In an escort I am more focused on killing. Most of the time I only share heals if I know my team or if we have voice chat and someone asks for help.
Also there are players that are not worth healing. If someone doesn't even distribute shields and doesn't use epts... Most of the times I try anyway at first, but sometimes trying to heal them results in more deaths because the heals are on cd and someone who could be saved dies because of it.

5. I try not to spawn camp. But it is often damn hard against fed as a klink. They just refuse to leave the spawn no matter what. You can fly at normal impulse speed the whole way to their spawn and often nobody moved.

6. No. But if someone insults me I might be tempted to make a little fun of him.

7. The devs give us the system we have to work with. We can offer feedback, try to set up our own rules but in the end we are bound to what they give us.
Now in a quite popular book it says: "And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also."
Which is a load of crap in my opinion. I am more the eye for an eye kind of guy. While I still have my morals and refuse to use everything at my disposal I still use some of the toys cryptic gives me. In a private match (if we get those back) I am ok with no consoles rules and such but in the queues I will use some of my toys.
And honestly, the game would be rather boring with no changes. Nothing is ever new in pvp, all we get are more ships and consoles. At least it gives you something to do, new builds to try, new ships to fly.

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