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11-18-2012, 12:03 AM
Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Well, it's already way better than before.

Still, assuming you didn't get any of the doffs I mentioned (they really tend to be a little pricier), it'd be wiser to use two copies of EPtS.

Either get rid of Scramble sensors (don't know why you'd want to keep it, honestly) and move Hazzard Emitters on the sci commander, freeing the ensign for an eng with EPtS 1.

Or, given you're an engineer that has access to miracle worker (and your HE will be rather strong with high Aux power), get rid of Eng team and get EPtS 2 instead. (Even if you don't, I believe Aux to SIF 1 might be better for you. No shared CD with Tac team.)

Thanks for the info. I guess the time is right for me to start meddling with mines (3 Aux-DHCs with 2 Tric mines and one Beam Array are tempting with no more than mandatory 25 weapons power).
At the moment I've got 3 Blue torpedo Doffs on, the exocomp and a green one that reduced bridge officer cool. Ok, I'll rejig me bridge officer powers and post back later

And yea, I couldn't afford any new doffs, the field generator cost me nearly everything I had!
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11-18-2012, 02:11 AM
Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post
Something a wise man once said:

"Speed is not offense, speed is not defense, speed is not armor, speed will not save your ass from a terminal case of lead poisoning. Skill is offense, skill is defense, armor is armor, and a big stick will keep your enemies at bay."

The game's mechanics may run against this, but in general, More Speed =/= More Survivability.


OP, as people have been saying quite a lot, grab at least one thing of Hazard Emitters to counteract the Plasma Fire. And if you're worried about getting hit with the Plasma Fire Proc during a cooldown, then get two things of Hazard Emitters and just constantly cycle between them.

However, for BOff Abilities in general, since you seem to be an Engineering Captain I'd recommend going for Engineering and Science Skills that either heal damage or boost your survivability. For your Engy Lieutenant, I'd swap out EPtW1 with EPtS1, giving you a decent Shield Heal. I'd also slot an Engy Lieutenant Commander into that Universal Slot, and give them another EPtS1, Auxiliary to Structural 1, and a Lieutenant Commander Ability of your choice (I'd go for another hull heal, though). Your Ensign Slot should be a Science Officer, epuipped with Hazard Emitters. And your Science Commander Slot should have at least Polarize Hull (and maybe another Hazard Emitters, if you're really worried about Plasma Fire). Feel free to choose whatever other Science Officer Powers you want.

And whatever you do, OP, definitely Respec your Skills so that they boost your BOff abilities as much as possible.
The game's mechanics don't run against it. Any good combat impulse engine in the game will achieve the same results defalus wants to achieve WITHOUT pointlessly crippling yourself.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
While keeping in mind that this is accurate, I'd ignore it as advise for PvE. In PvE you want your power in shields, you want to be able to mitigate damage and heal through it. Relying on damage avoidance is a surefire way to get hammered with some unlucky rolls. This is a big reason why so many people cry about one-hit kills while others don't have the problem.

Better advise would be to just almost make sure your moving so you don't take a negative defense modifier.
Again, it is inaccurate unless you don't know what engines to use.

In an escort, however, I can easily hit the 20 cap (it is 20, right?) with an Aegis hyper-impulse engine on about 50 power (i got quite a bit of overflow due to having specced into power production on my characters)
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11-18-2012, 02:39 AM
add me in game @Wenom_Lord i will help u how to do anything in game and with ur ship build and maybe to do respec
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11-19-2012, 07:58 AM
Maybe I should have explained where I was coming from a bit more clearly, I was suffering from a lack of sleep the day I posted.

On my ships (usually escorts/raptors) I always run two copies of emergency power to shields, this both boosts my shield power and offers resistance for my shields against incoming damage. My power is always set to 100/25/50/25, although my power spec and efficient boffs usually have my shield and aux power levels floating around 50 power and I always use an aux battery to buff my heals (HE and TSS) when I really need them. The whole keep your engine power high thing was because I saw he uses MACO engines and I thought they perform better at higher levels, maybe I'm wrong. (Yes I know I said defence as well.)

This isn't for the OPs benifit, just thought I'd pop back in here and say I'm just set in my ways and I know what works for me. I set my boffs, doffs and skills up to get the best result I can and it usually works for me.
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11-20-2012, 11:48 AM
4 things I think everbody need: Hazard emitter to cleanse the ships from hazards, Science team against sci debuffs, engineering team against engineering debuffs and tac team against tactical debuffs.

If you lack one, you die. Pro Tip: take 2 copies of tac team 1, tac team 2 is unnecessary.
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11-26-2012, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by redstarswe View Post
4 things I think everbody need: Hazard emitter to cleanse the ships from hazards, Science team against sci debuffs, engineering team against engineering debuffs and tac team against tactical debuffs.

If you lack one, you die. Pro Tip: take 2 copies of tac team 1, tac team 2 is unnecessary.
While all 3 teams are useful, slotting all 3 at once is a waste. Unless you really have nothing else to slot (or are a "pro going in a premade").

You just couldn't really use them. Also you'd want activate the proper "anti-debuff" as soon as possible. You're either dead when not using it right away, or you just didn't really need it.

On top of that, I believe the OP is mainly running STFs, where there is no need for the Eng and Sci team debuff cleanses (and the healing can be provided by Aux2SIF and TSS).
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11-26-2012, 02:42 PM
I just got the Vesta pack and love it. For STFs I load in the Borg EDS set and armor up with the appropriate eng consoles. Two Aux cannons up front, with fast loading trans torps from the Breen eps. Tet turrets behind sometimes I'll also load a cluster torp. I double up on hull and shield heals including the hazard emit. Viral matrix seems fairly effective in momentarily freezing those cubes from firing the plasma beam on you. The only time I get killed is when I don't pay attention to my hull strength, otherwise, I think Vestas are the best ship the Fed have for STFs and Red Alerts

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