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11-25-2012, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Does it benefit from phaser relay console(s)?
It benefits from Phaser Consoles and Particle Generators
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11-25-2012, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
The thing with the Aux Cannons is that they are good in theory, but in practice actually can be... well clunky. They don't synergize well with other weapons at all. Simply because they are the only weapons we currently have access to that run on Aux. All other weapons (minus torps and mines) run off of weapon power. If you have 25/50/25/100 settings, only your aux cannons will be doing damage, while whatever you have on the rear, unless you are constantly shuffling power around (which most skilled players can do, but it's tedious as hell) will be insufferably weak.
You don't use turrets to do damage, you use them to proc. Whatever your power to weapons is, they won't do anything significant. That's why I run a couple of aux cannons with a torp and 3 turrets in the back. Just to proc.

And my power layout isn't 25/50/25/100 it's 50/25/25/100. I don't rely on passive regen for my shields anyway. That's why I think people dismissing the aux cannons miss the greatest opportunity, they can use all their science abilities with the highest possible efficiency, and it'll make a difference. HE and TSS at 125 aux power = huge win. the puny DPS turrets do won't matter at all in comparison.

The only good reason not to use them would be the fact that you already own purple Mk XII tac consoles and aren't willing to buy phaser ones, but that's it.

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11-25-2012, 12:26 PM
In normal fire, yeah, turrets are mostly proc chance and just a little more DPS. However, in CRF and especially CSV they become far more important. Firing off CSV2 your turrets powered well will give you a lot of extra DPS if your enemies are clumped together (like a Sphere clog in Infected), which they should be if you have Gravity Well 3. 50/25/25/100 should power everything fine though during CSV2 (firing off a combo aux and wep battery or red matter is still handy,) though.
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Using the Vesta, I tend to switch between 50/25/25/100 and 25/50/25/100 depending on what I am doing. I'm running all three Aux cannons fore and 3 phaser turrets aft. Though I have been considering mines in one of the aft slots.

I personally think the benefit to GWIII and other science abilities far out weigh the dps that the turrets do overall.
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I switched to beam arrays. i did ok with the DHCs, especially when i lowered a few video settings, but i found myself dogfighting and relying on the turrets to do the dirty work.

switched to DBB x2 and the 180 torp for 3 beam arrays aft. MUCH better!

DBB x2, 180 torp,
aegis set
3x beam arrays
weaps batt aux batt sat beam weapon
the 3 vesta consoles, the borg console armor as required
part gen, field gen
3x phaser relay

tt1 BOL2 HYT3
tt1 TS2
EPTS1 aux2sif2
HE1tss2 gw1 gw2

this build can really use another TSS or ST, but i don't want to lose the Polarize hull

I'm not using the phaser cannon thing much, it's too much like the phaser lance on the dread, and i have not gone up against the big slow target to use it yet.

I'm thinking AP or one of the hybrids would be very useful here.
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11-26-2012, 03:50 PM
I just got the Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XII [Dmg]x3, and it goes with the Quantum Field Focus Phaser very nicely, as both give additional power and all weapon damage (33% on both when I checked while firing on the carrier in CSE, not sure if it's enemy dependent) so they basically buff everything including each other. Plus, since the Cutting Beam doesn't respond to CSV/CRF, so the weapon power needs are reduced, since it always draws 8 power and seems to give some back.
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11-26-2012, 04:15 PM
so is the cutting beam a disruptor weapon ?
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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
so is the cutting beam a disruptor weapon ?
The Borg cutting beam is a kinetic weapon.
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Interesting... After a little bit more experimentation, both the kinetic beam and the deflector phaser count up the damage buff(self) and power buffs the longer they fire on a given target. Jumps of about 3% every few seconds for both types of buffs. They use the same stack counter, which means if that if you keep the cutting beam on the target (easy given that it's 360 degrees) prior to firing the Quantum Field Focus Phaser it boosts the output! Great for taking down gates. Though, I'm wondering if it's supposed to use the same counter or if it's a bug. The stack counter is fairly forgiving too, as I was able to send out quick heals without breaking it.

Edit: The max stack seems to be 33%, and firing the deflector phaser doesn't seem to double the effects of the buff, so not really anything OP in the combo.

andoriansrus: It is kinetic in type. It doesn't stack debuffs on the target like Disruptors, it stacks buffs on yourself instead.

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11-27-2012, 10:46 PM
Can anyone suggest a 'budget' build for the sci version, scrimped and saved my dil to get this baby but feel that she is less effective than the RSV that she replaced!
Don,t really want to spend hours on dil farming to get all the 'supa dupa' gear before i can really enjoy her!!!
So if anyone can suggest an EC gear based build for one who is not rolling in Zen it would be greatly appreciated.
Running 5 AP beam arrays and cluster transphasic and 3 AP tac consoles,,but everything else is a bit of a punt at the moment.

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