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# 1 A few questions please!
11-26-2012, 06:06 PM
Hi all, just to put in perspective, I'm level 22 commander.

1) Does this game get harder? I very rarely die and find it all too easy in my escort.

2) Is there any point (in terms of dil, energy credits, skill points) in exploring? Seems like EVERYTHING is quest based.

3) Is there anything else to do apart from quests? I know there's crafting which I haven't tried yet, but it seems like a pointless endeavour.

4) What is the point in crafting. Is it too craft to use, or craft to sell? I already have almost the best my rank allows so I don't really understand the point of it.

5) What do I need energy credits for? I have almost the best my rank allows. seems like there's no point in using the exchange.

6) Are there any scanners that you can use to find ships and not only anomalies?(not necessarily cloaked). A few times I have been on a mission, destroy fleet A, I'll do that, then it will say destroy battleship but the battleship just doesn't appear, so I spend 20mins flying round a system aimlessly.

Has happened a few times where I just can't find the enemy....

Thankyou to anyone who takes the time to reply.

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