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Cruisers/tanks are suffering, they take all the beating, but reap none of the rewards. DEM is suppose to be the engineer go to ability to cause mayhem, but alas it is underwhelming and if it becomes too powerful, tacs will use it and become even more abusive. So how about a compromise, DEM only effects Beam based weapons and has an increased shield penetration (right where it hurts the tactical players). Cryptic took a serious look at revising mines, and they are great now, but the only ships getting benefits from it are the ones that can place them and run, something cruisers can't, but the same attention to some base offensive skills for engineers could yield some nice results for buffing Engineer abilities to either counter or keep up with Tactical officers. Shield penetration is the big one, hence Wide Arc Trasphasic Torps and a buffed DEM.

Tactical Team and Target Subsystem Weapons, combined with new and buffed DEM and Transphasic torps could really improve effectiveness of Cruisers.
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