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11-25-2012, 07:23 PM
Originally Posted by markarich View Post
Again, are you actually reading my post all the way through??? Of course there are OTHER ways to get fleet marks(hence my numerous references to GRINDING...and that is what both of you have referenced). Put it this way, take 50 fleet marks away from EVERY single member of a small to mid sized fleet and make them grind everyday for AT LEAST 2 hours to make up for the 50 lost on top of the other fleet mark grind missions you've referenced. I don't know about you, but I have a job and a family- I work 6 days a week for 60 hours a week. Most people over 24 years of age in a small to mid size feet are probably in similar situations(unless they're still living in mommy's basement or on their 2nd and a half year of tax payer funded unemployment or bilking the Social Security Disability program). I was again up to almost 3am last night. The foundry system is BROKEN. The small to mid sized fleet system is being decimated. I know people who loved being in their small fleet until 2 weeks ago; now they've completely given it up - that's detestable!!

The fleet mark situation has to be addressed, it's that simple. The fleet mark requirements for fleet projects are completely disproportionate to the available methods and timeframe it takes to obtain them. The part that I really am scratching my head on this - why are SO many people defending PWE. They are admittedly concerned only about finding ways to make more money off their player base. I've given hundreds of dollars to PWE over the course of my tenure on STO. I want real content for my money, not thinly veiled grindfests.
I'm 45, have a full time job, full time family, and active in other areas. I understand fully and even agree that Fleet Marks are broken and we need other avenues to get them, especially as the leader of a five-person fleet. Dan Stahl has indicated that they are looking for more ways to get them as well.

However, I'm not seeing 2 hours of Foundry to make this happen. 45-60 minutes should do the job. The foundry never was intended as a quickie clickie tool for fast Fleet Marks or loot. Fifteen minutes per mission is not unreasonable at all. Look at all of the official dev storyline content, even patrols and exploration. Fifteen minutes per mission just isn't that big a deal.

I understand your frustration (I used the Nagus dailies often, which averaged between 5-15 minutes). I'll be sorry if they no longer count. But I understand Cryptic's position on this.

I am no fan of grind and refuse to spend overmuch time on it. If that means I don't get the "best" gear, base, or what have you, that's okay. This is a game, not life. If it ceases to be fun on it's own merits, I'll cease to play. The Foundry helps keep the game fun from a storyline aspect. Getting Fleet Marks and Dilithium is a nice perk too. If I want FM and Dil, I'll run three shorter missions. Otherwise, I run a variety of missions of different lengths.

It's not that we're not comprehending, it's that we're not totally agreeing with your position (elements of it yes, but not to the extent you are espousing). I do get discouraged by the grind on occasion (especially if it looks like grind will replace storyline episodes in dev content). But then I step back and realize that's it's really not that important.

But then, I take the long view in MMOs. I'm in no rush. If the journey isn't fun, there's not much point in playing.

[edit]All of us responding in this thread understand that some missions that should be eligible currently are not. This is clearly a bug that Cryptic will need to address. But no one should expect them to even be looking at it over the holiday.

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How about...
  1. Remove fleet marks from Officer report
  2. convert the foundry into a Rep system with specific rewards
  3. Create another daily mission that gives out easy dilithium for minimal work and the problem is solved
  4. ...
  5. Profit?

The Officer report is there as an incentive to play UGC, not to get you dilithium (or fleet marks) for minimal effort, there should be another meaningless daily cryptic mission for that (or just double the rewards for the Path to 2409 and add FM to it).
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11-25-2012, 09:24 PM
Stasia: Foundry editing is offline while they try (hopefully) to fix the bugs that cropped in to the latest foundry code. There will be a notice when it comes back up.

Markarich: You understand that the fleet system was balanced for a 25 man fleet correct? and even then they've lowered some costs on the higher end. If you're going to do a smaller fleet then the trade off is going to be it's going to take longer to do projects. No one is forcing you or even expecting you to try and keep pace in terms of Station growth with the other, larger fleets. It's the trade off of staying small and not having to fight with so many others for Provisioned assets.

As for the new requirements for IOR, note that the time requirement now is about the same as doing 3 regular stfs for about equal rewards, save you're getting Fleet marks instead of Omega. If you are just looking for Fleet Marks as fast as possible then the Fleet Action daily (save for the Gorn Minefield which I think is still broken) is going to be a better choice then IOR. You'd also want to get your Doffs running as efficiently as possible and get everything up to rank 4 so you can run Commendation reports for some very nice Marks.

Honestly, I think a lot of the grinding complaints are players doing it to themselves. After a week busting hump to get my first two tiers done, I've pretty much throttled down and started doing what I want to do and just taking the points as they come, helping out the fleet as I can but not killing my fun to meet some imagined time table.
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My final word....
The foundry is BROKEN, 2 out of every 3 eligible missions are broken. I have not yet seen a working, truly 15 minute mission that is eligible for IOR.

The fleet mark system has to be replaced or completely revamped. I understand that we shouldn't be striving to complete 3 fleet projects a day, but my fleet is struggling now to complete one larger project in a week(at that rate we'll be at tier 4 in 2014). And about fleet size being modeled around approximately 25 members; PWE's statistical model must have been way off. Our fleet, while I still consider it small to mid size, has considerably more members; not all active all the time but still, partially to fully active, almost double that 25 number. There is no way Cryptic/PWE did their number projections accurately- considering current season 7 fleet mark availability, it would take a 25 member fleet, grinding non-stop, years to get through the tier system.

Finally, I LOVE Star Trek, TNG got me through my 1st two years of college. I WANT this game to succeed and be the absolute best it can be. Having said that, I do not like the direction I see the devs and PWE/Cryptic taking this. Yes it's an MMORG, and I understand the MMORG "template" is engrained in most of the devs way of thinking. But MMORG grinding tactics do not always work hand in hand with Star Trek cannon and universe; as a matter of fact, in some instances they are diametrically opposed. And a half baked, bug filled grindfest should never replace genuine new and fresh content(which is, in my opinion, what is occurring in season 7). Lastly, this obvious "anything for money" approach by PWE that has become the prevalent paradigm is just heartbreaking. Look, make a well thought out Star Trek Universe, with constantly added episodes and fresh content and there is no need for these repetitive, unoriginal, boring, tedious grinding "content". It's really that simple. They had it , apparently, in the beginning but somehow got lost along the way.
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Your first paragraph is probably quite accurate, we don't know what's going on with the Foundry and eligibility etc.

The rest should be posted on the main forums and has nothing to do with the Foundry.

Check out my Foundry missions:
Standalone - The Great Escape - The Galaxy's Fair - Purity I: Of Denial - Return to Oblivion
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11-26-2012, 10:39 PM
Anyone else having a problem with foundry missions breaking? Tasks not queuing up that sort of thing?
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11-26-2012, 10:49 PM
whats really funny... i had four missions before s7 ... and since the foundry came back up till now i only have 2 missions. one i can see as not being eligible since it has a built-in workaround for ground testing but the second consists of ONE map and a ONE captain 3 mob of EVERY enemy for ground. so the mission takes a good 40min or more
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Speaking of broken..."You last visited: 12-31-1969" lol
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Psst. Do Doff missions - get all CXP to 110K - do Commendation Report Doff missions - get guaranteed reward of 75 FM (and 100 FM on Crit success.) I have about 8000+ FM currently on my main; and actually earn more than I'm able to contribute (due to the size of our Fleet, we have a 10% cap per project on FM donations.)

I don't think I've done a Fleet event for any FM in a month or two now. IMO Fleet Marks are the least scarce 'Mark' in STO atm.
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Played the german mission "Diplomatische Dienste" since many days as Daily Mission for my Fleet Mark and Dilithium and everything was fine.

right now they have taken away this mission too...
Not playable anymore as Daily.


this is NOT honest how player become handled here!
this is NOT the way to make people spending money for this game!
this is NOT that what we became told!

Missions with a Playtime of 15 Minutes?

I feel only avarice for more money and the fear of people could save a few bucks with farming...."oh, my goodness! Noooo! We must put more stones at the way of the player! Make it harder!"
Thats the only reason for the changes: Avarice
There is a big different between Business and Avarice!

The answer of the player should be:

Don't buy Zen or spend your money for the Game!
Use your power to make them the changes we want/need!

The member of the big fleets, they said at first "paah, we have no dilithium problem.."
Very silent this voices, or?
The are noticing it is becoming very slow right now after this all.
If 20 people dont spend dilithium or 100 people don't spend dilithium is the same effect.

Damn...this is not the way it should go!!!

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