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# 11
11-27-2012, 01:02 AM
Have to say "Rom", mostly because his character doesn't make much sense ... he goes from "Killing his brother", to some "Poor Human Rights Martin Luther King - Ferengi" to "Grand Nagus" ... it's like Hitler morphing into Jesus ...
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# 12
11-27-2012, 01:09 AM
I don't dislike any of the characters from TOS, but we never really learned all that much about them during the show. We learned most of what we know about Kirk, Spock and McCoy from the movies, which I think was more about how the show was written, it was about the adventure more than the characters.

TNG: Troi annoyed me during the moments when she was being 'mentally assaulted', but Wes just annoyed me with his presence. It seems his character was written as a 'Leave it to Beaver' teenager and was never really believable.

VOY: For me it was 7of9. While she was nice to look at, it never escaped me that that was the only reason she was on the show. Ok sure, she's a former borg and she can help us with technologies and such, but her purpose was really just to look good in glittery spandex.

DS9: I would say Kira, but I can understand why her character was as stand-offish as she was given what she went through during the Occupation.

ENT: I was never a huge fan of Archer. To me his leadership didn't show through as often as with the other captains. I struggle to think of a moment for him, where I could compare his leadership to a Kirk or Picard, someone who you knew was in charge.

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# 13
11-27-2012, 02:01 AM
TOS: Did not dislike any

TNG: Wesley. Not really Will's fault, just annoying character. Got a bit better as the seasons went on.

DS9: Keiko O'brien and her demon spawn child. Just complained endlessly.

Voy: Neelix. I dont hate him, but he was weak compared to the others.

Ent: The list is almost too long. Perhaps T'pol as I never found her very Vulcan. She did have to follow Nimoy and Russ who were born to play Vulcans. Several other characters were just boring. What exactly did Travis do in 4 years there?

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# 14
11-27-2012, 02:06 AM
TOS: Original Crew was good, but there were lots of characters who really were just ridiculous in many episodes. Too many to count, actually.

TNG: Deanna Troi. Most episodes around her were just boring and annoying imo. She had her moments though. And i always hated her mother, but there were a lot of funny moments. Alone Picard's face when her name was mentioned or, even worse, she suddenly appeared. LOL!

TNG: Admiral Nacheyev or however she's called. Just totally annoying, same goes for Captain Jellico. Someone here already mentioned both of them, thanks for that. Or rather not. Lol.

DS9: Keiko O'Brien, and Sisko's GF, the female freighter captain. Good that i forgot her name. In german, she also has a really annoying voice. ;D

I want to say that i really disliked Kai Winn at first, but in the meanwhile i see just how great, really great the actress was doing her job. Kudos to that. And at least, her character was really interesting in the later episodes. Oh and BTW, she's got an Oscar for her role in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", PLUS two Emmy Awards for guest roles in two later TV shows.

Voy: That must be Kes. Yeah, at first i liked her but hands down, her character was totally superficial and really needless to have. Actually she was playing her role good but it was the role itself that just sucked... so i was glad when she left the show and 7 of 9 was introduced. Great episodes around 7 of 9, and great dialogues too.

Ent: Malcolm, Trip, Hoshi, T'Pol. Even Archer's dog was a more interesting character and at least he wasn't annoying.

BTW, i always hated how Sisko turned around, showing his back to the camera in almost every dialogue.

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# 15
11-27-2012, 02:53 AM
ToS: Surprisingly no one. But kinda found each of them weird (not in a bad way)
Ent: That time traveling dumb ass who masqueraded as an Enterprise crew member & Travis.
Voyager: Harry Kim
TNG: Weasley
DS9: Keiko and Sisko's sack warmer (that freighter captain)
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# 16
11-27-2012, 07:47 AM
As much as it would be easy to say Wesley Crusher, I just can't bring myself to hate Beverly and Jean-Luc's lovechild...

So instead, I think I'd have to go with McCoy. His anti-Vulcan racism always bugged me

Next on my list would be Gowron. Never liked his crazy bug-eyed stares, and enjoyed the bit where Worf killed him...

Totally agree with the OP about T'Pol... Totally flat ( ) character straight out of Brannon Braga's w@nk bank... Totally expoitative use of a woman (can't bring myself to call Jolene an actress, but she deserved better treatment than she got...)

Got to disagree about Worf though... He was a very multifaceted character: A Klingon raised by Humans, so tried to over-compensate and be the UberKlingon. He was always my favorite TNG character, but I don't think he really came into his own till DS-9... Totally agree about that character type being over-used now *cough*Teal'C*cough* To go theoretical for a moment, I would love to see Worf get into a fist-fight with Tyr Anasazi... That would be interesting... I'd also like to see Worf interact with Richard Sharpe, I think they'd actually make a pretty solid bromance of mutual respect for each other as warriors.

[Edit to add]
I hated the way Seven of Nine was de-assimilated. I understand that Jeri Ryan was hired to boost ratings, and as Bridge Bunnies go, the first scene in which she's seen in the silver bodysuit... Wow... Pon Farr night in the Vulcan Nightclub... But as a character, they really should've kept her as Full Borg...

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# 17
11-27-2012, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by fwiener2a View Post
TNG: Admiral Nacheyev or however she's called. Just totally annoying, same goes for Captain Jellico. Someone here already mentioned both of them, thanks for that. Or rather not. Lol.
You're supposed to hate Jellico. He's there to be a foil for the Enterprise' crew. Frankly they got a brilliant actor to fill the role. Look at Ronnie Cox's (the actor) other big sci-fi role: Robert Kinsey from the Stargate 'verse. He knows how to play a convincing jackass.
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# 18
11-27-2012, 08:58 AM
TOS : Perfection- cant dislike any of them

TNG : Westley Crusher , and Worf a close second.

DS9 : I put Chief O'Brien here tho he's bounced around between different shows. Don't like his character, don't trust him tho the actor is very good.
Odo isn't one of my favorites either.

Voyager : Janeway and Kes are tied as least favorite (or most useless).

Eneterprise : Tho all were a bit on the wimpy side Trip Tucker was the most disappointing.
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# 19
11-27-2012, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Enterprise has by far the worst characters. T'its wasn't bad per-say, she was written as a ?$&%^!@* and pulled it off a little too well. That, and she was... well... a walking pair of ****. Not that the men faired much better. Seriously. Watch the decontamination chamber scene from Broken Bow and tell me with a strait face that didn't feel like the opening to a porno. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

This show also wins the award for having the dumbest Enterprise.

In my opinion Neelix is the guy you're glad you're friends with, but you would never under any circumstances introduce him to your other friends. At least he was capable of some sort of competence. Janeway on the other hand.... how did she become a captain? Seriously, how? I swear she is good at everything BUT being a captain. Harry Kim was a bad combination of Sulu and LaForge with the awesome of neither. The writers never gave him the Character Development they should have.

Kes was a bad idea. Her character, how she was introduced, how she was removed... just.. bad...

Dr. Pulaski was bad, Troi was annoying for a while, but she had her moments of awesome. Wesley Crusher was the worst for a long time, but even he has been surpassed by the worst, most god awful, bad, terrible, horrible no good Star Trek character of ALL TIME.

JJTrek Uhura.

I cannot stand JJTrek Uhura. There is nothing good about JJTrek Uhura. Sure the actress is good looking, but nothing, nothing can redeem JJTrek Uhura in my eyes.

Real Uhura was elegant, ladylike and attractive. She teased Spock for fun, she liked cute things, she was competent and capable, but screwed up, failed, and had her limits. She felt like a real person.

JJTrek Uhura is a bossy sarcastic brat. She seems unbelievably competent, she looks more like a Star Trek themed hooker than a Star Trek character, the whole relationship with Spock is silly, nothing about her is sympathetic or redeeming. Say what you will Wesley Crusher, but at least he was an original character. They took the real Uhura and butchered her into the all the bad parts of Wesley and T'its. Her entire being feels manufactured for the explosion and boob fueled generation.

Real Uhura was someone to look up too. JJTrek Uhura is someone you ask "Cash or Credit?"
I agree Neelix was almost a cool character. If you look up Rennesaince man on Wikipedia it mentions him. If only he didnt have those pukey "Look im a guest on Arsenio Hall circa 1993" type outfits etc.

JJ Uhura is every catty woman I have ever known only after the guy with the biggest paycheque or most power and treat everyone else like trash at least she is realistic :\.

Polaski just seemed like a very real person maybe not someone you would like but Star trek can be a bit like a medical drama or police procedural in spaace and you dont like everybody you work with.

I liked Wesley as a kid I guess he was a reference point and am not as annoyed by him as other characters like Lwoxanna Troi I was sticking to regular cast members but ya she is awful. And i never liked Tasha Yar but she gets eaten by a Tarpit/ garbage bag monster. Not to mention "Guess who Piccard slept with? Whoopi Goldberg" Guinan...

Harry kim was such an Asian stereotype. Good in school, neat and tidy plays a musical instrument.
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11-27-2012, 01:30 PM

since i need a longer message i will add that DS9 and Enterprise were very disappointing.

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