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Tactical Skill starting at Ensign rank.

Name - Covering Fire

Weapons systems

Does not share CD with any current skill. Affects all weapons systems.

My idea is that this skill will work like an extremely weak (thinking 1/40th damage or something extremely low so it cannot be abused as a DPS skill) TS1, FAW1, and CSV1 combined together with the energy weapons having at most a 2-4sec burst, but the attack would generate an absurd (ie. Beam Cruisers easily pulling aggro from the most hardcore Escort Alpha Strike) amount of aggro on anything hit with it as well as boosting the ships innate Threat Control skill.

Higher ranks would not increase damage but threat generated as well as how many torps (think number of targets going up from TS1 to TS3)/energy weapons fired to pull more ships on you.

C'mon people, Tanks need an actual Threat skill in space.
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