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11-27-2012, 07:32 PM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Psst. Do Doff missions - get all CXP to 110K - do Commendation Report Doff missions - get guaranteed reward of 75 FM (and 100 FM on Crit success.) I have about 8000+ FM currently on my main; and actually earn more than I'm able to contribute (due to the size of our Fleet, we have a 10% cap per project on FM donations.)

I don't think I've done a Fleet event for any FM in a month or two now. IMO Fleet Marks are the least scarce 'Mark' in STO atm.
P.S. my final, final word...
already way ahead of you, I have tier 4 DOFF capability on diplomacy, science, engineering and soon to be exploration & development. Problem with this method is that it's THE SLOWEST method to gain FM of them all. You have to wait until you do enough Doff missions to exceed 110,000XP In one or more of these tier 4 genres(this can take 3 days to a week depending on what DOFF missions are offered/what XP reward they give/ success or critical success, etc...). Then you have to run a "file commendation report" DOFF mission for that genre from the fleet starbase which in itself takes another 8 hours. All this work and time for 75 fleet marks. So, ostensibly, up to a weeks worth of time spent for 75 fleet marks??? I wouldn't call that the apex of efficiency.

And as for fleet marks being the least scarce mark in the game; either you're playing a different game than I am or you're in a very large fleet. There are only 2 other marks I know of - Omega and Romulan. I can get 240 Omega marks in 4 hours running elite STF's and it will take me quite a while to actually use all those Omega marks. Same with Romulan marks; 60 EASY marks a day doing Tau Duwa patrol(10-15 minutes doing the Acamarian System patrol 6 times in succession- why isn't PWE all in tizzy about that exploit??). And again it takes just as long to use the Romulan Marks as it does the Omega marks. Fleet Marks on the other hand; I spend up to 2 hours on investigate officer reports to get 50 FM - all donated to one of several concurrently running fleet projects and gone within 10 seconds. Gorn Minefield, Fleet mark dailies(big dig, etc...), fleet starbase, fleet starbase blockade; all played and the fleet marks are gone and donated just as fast as they were deposited into my inventory. Fleet Marks, on account of both the limited and timely grinding missions required to obtain them AND the almost instant necessity to turn around and donate them to fleet projects with outrageously high FM requirements, make them, without question, the scarcest currency in STO.
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# 22 how to make 30 min mish count
12-26-2012, 12:04 AM
k i have a mssion that ive been making its been revewed enuff to be out of reveiw state takes 20-30 mins bout 25mins average in a fleet ship with mk 12 gear, im sure somone could do it faster but call it 25 mins 5 space maps 2 ground and visits to qonos and academy on side. atm most of my spaws anre in super groups should i be spliting them into individual groups, say 8 groups for eg rather then 1 combined group? any help would be apreciated

ps i know of a few 5-10 min missions that do count but i just want my legitimate mission to count and i cant figure out why it dosnt even if u dont read anything know the pathing ect it still takes me atleast 20mins, admitedly 4 or so of that is map transistions

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Right now there's an issue with determining what coutns under investigate officer reports

It's the holidays though so I don't really expect a fix until past the new year

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