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Originally Posted by kerain View Post
I think you guys are really misinterpreting what the original poster is saying as well as what is currently the state of the DOFF system.
Actually, I was the first person to answer the OP's question to his/her satisfaction.

Everything else after that were tangential and related thoughts, not mere misinterpretation as you'd like to believe.

Originally Posted by kerain View Post
I have talked with a Dev in game about this, and when they added the special assignments to the actual NPC's inside of our actual ship interiors, they did actually fix those personnel as the DOFF's which we are indeed sending on assignments weather we actually do visit the interiors to do so or not. So yes those people in our interiors are supposed to represent the DOFF's themselves. the problem is that the BOFF's, and the DOFF's aren't connected together, but they did actually intend them to be.

as of right now they are currently separated visually, because the system itself does not recognize the connection, there simply isn't yet a link between the two systems. this is already been decided that the new addition to the DOFF system will actually fix that, but they just haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. originally they wanted the first officer and department heads system to bridge the two together, but that wasn't possible in the deadlines which were necessary.
Which dev was this? Was this private correspondence or in a thread?

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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