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# 1 Tribble even useful?
11-28-2012, 12:34 AM

Tribble is a testserver where players should test new features and so on. So far so good. Problem is, Tribble has much less player than Holodeck (especially once a season has been deployed on Holodeck, Tribble looks like an empty instance). Now you release nice stuff like the Brel fleet version or other stuff for the fleet starbase for example. Nobody will start grinding for that on Tribble because it would be a waste of time and boring there. Therefor, most of the fleets on Tribble didnt even reach Tier 2 or even Tier 3. How is one supposed to test things that nobody will ever see on a testserver? You might say "well, the Brel for example is just a ship and ships usually dont have bugs except some visuals maybe and actually, they are the same model as the normal version so there shouldnt be major bugs". But whats the point then of putting it on tribble at all and not on holodeck. Someone in another post said, there will maybe be 5 KDF fleets who will reach tier 5 in the next half year or later. What do you think how fast the progress is on Tribble? I guess there is not even a tier 2 starbase for KDF and if, its not progressing anymore after S7 came online.

You guys already gave us thousands of Z-Store points or C-Store points or what its called, why not give anyone an incredible amount of EC, XP,Fleet modules and whatever stuff is required. Also reduce every project (if its reputation or some other thing) to 10% of the time that is normally required, or even less. So if a fleet project for starbase requires 100 duty officer, 10 should be enough.. or maybe 5. This way, people would have noticed the bug with the bridge officers, that cannot be donatet for some fleet project, much earlier. It doesnt make any sense at all if you cannot test the content on a testserver.
What ? Calaway.

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