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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
There's no such thing as universes in licensing terms. It's by work.
Heh, no.

Licensing covers a whole spectrum of things and since CBS and Paramount were once the same company the whole thing is "fuzzy" since when they separated things were split.

Considering Paramount did a "re-boot" of Star Trek they likely allowed CBS to retain the IP rights to previous series and movies but I doubt that extended to publishing rights and this is were things are get messy to who gets DVD and broadcasting rights.

Now, CBS probably has increased negotiating ability for Kelvin uniforms.
CBS does not own the 2009 movie because it was after it separated from Paramount, all rights of Star Trek (2009) belong to Paramount.

I see that the Voyager uniforms are missing.
Voyager used first season DS9 uniforms but the First DS9/VOY and the TNG Movies/Late DS9 uniforms are exactly the same except it swapped the colors on the shoulders and turtleneck and some minor changes.

This begs the question if you are going to add ALL variants of the same uniform, even the WoK uniform was used 3 times with alterations.

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