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11-28-2012, 05:51 PM
I use a Recluse as a Tac captain also

Tac Commander: BFAW1,TT2, BO3, APO3
Tac Ensign: HYT1
LTC eng.: Epts1, ET2, DEM2
LTC sci: JS1, PH2, FP2
Ensign Sci: HE1

Tetryon beam array X2, Thermonic torp

Aft: Tetyron beam array X2, Breen Cluster torp

Borg deflector, engines, shields

Eng: Borg Assimulated Module, RCS, Neutronium alloy X2
Sci: Tholian Web Gen, Tholian Tetryon grid, Field Emitter, Emitter amplifier
Tac: Tetryon Pulse Gen X2

Hangars: Tholian widows

While the Borg Console seems out of place, I like the bonuses it gives, plus it's waiting for the kinetic cutting beam and borg torp which will replace the 2 current torpedoes.

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