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11-29-2012, 12:58 AM
I've actually been on less, due to new duties at work causing me to come home later, and I am still making between 3500-4500/dil day.

No, I don't have time to do it for all three of my toons, but it's pretty easy work - mostly DOff missions. Turn in contraband, settlement missions, have mostly purple doffs so crit quite a bit not hard to get 125DIL for multiple missions.

Run a few Red Alerts get DIL and Omega Marks (been actually concentrating on those lately anyway since I'm trying to get all the acolades for some reason).

Regardless, point being for the amount of time I actually play, I make a pretty good chunk of DIL.

YMMV, obviously.

500 years in the future and we still look like schmucks when getting our ID photos taken...

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