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11-29-2012, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Actually, it is. To live with someone, you need to have a sizeable comfort zone; it is not practical for that which is usually private to be so. That is well-known to anyone who has lived that way, whether as a roommate or spouse.
So you would immediately expect a new roommate to be comfortable seeing you in your underwear?

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
I think you have issues with oversexualizing women.
And that clearly offends your sensibilities...

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Just because a woman is friendly does not mean she is sexually interested in you, and just because a woman is cool and professional does not mean she is sexually repressed.
Wow, really?? Thanks for letting me in on that secret of Human behaviour...

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Absolutely nothing between Bashir and Cretak suggested the two were interested in each other.
I disagree.

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
I think that insecurity is driving you to a lot of unwarranted conclusions.
I think arrogance and a sense of superiority is making you act like that which you claim to despise.

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Romulans see themselves as superior to other species. If aristocrats see themselves as the elite of a national community, Romulans see themselves as the elite of the galactic community, and they manifest their smugness in the same way.

The word "pleb" is Latin. In Roman society, a pleb was a Roman citizen who was not an aristocrat. Economically, this could mean anything from a proletarian (someone with no property) to a wealthy "new man" (upper-middle class). The label was social, not economic, although of course the aristocrats were typically (but not always) much better off than any pleb. The term was not derogatory as the Romans were a conservative people and took class society as a given.

Romulan society is explicitly modeled after Roman society. The class interaction between Keras, Decius and the Centurion in TOS: "Balance of Terror" is a familiar theme from Roman history. In TNG: "Unification, Part II", Senator Pardek's relative is a "legal intercessor". A "legal intercessor" was a Roman official, also called a tribune of the plebs, with no equivalent in Western society. This office was typically assumed by ambitious, populist politicians who were feared by the Roman aristocrats (and often bought out), which is a deliberate parallel underscoring the entire plot.

The term filtered into British English because England has traditionally used classical education, and British aristocrats have gone out of their way to warp Roman concepts and figures into contrived parallels with their own culture (often turning reality on its head and spinning the evils of the Roman Empire into positive reflections on the evils of British society).

Despite the reputation of Americans as anti-intellectual, at least somewhat well-deserved, American classical scholarship is a good deal more objective in its treatment of Roman society.
Another example of your intellectually elitist and bullying attitude...

Originally Posted by aestu View Post
Life on 24th century Romulus certainly isn't a socialist paradise like life on 24th century Earth.
It is still considerably more advanced technologically than 20th Century Earth... It's clear that you are not willing to accept or even consider the points I raised in critique, so I will waste no further time discussing this, or any other, matter with you.

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