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11-28-2012, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by velldun View Post
My Theory, and it's just a theory, is that they're letting it stay in the game to get some game data about how people are using a 5th boff. Because, eventually, new ships will come with 5 Boffs, or 6, or 12. Power creep is a fact of life in MMOs. Also, a good money maker as my oddy , my vesta, and fleet defiant, and lock box ships get gradually thrown into the dustbin along with my old Connie.
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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Apology accepted

Yep. I said "should be". But, I just checked in with the team and, unfortunately, it may not be in the next patch -- hopefully the one after that if not. We're still testing potential fixes as it's actually a bit trickier than it seems.

Sorry, Captains


Brandon =/\=
appology not accepted.

and somehow i'm not surprised.
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
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11-28-2012, 09:59 PM
Maybe i'll wait another week...
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Originally Posted by velldun View Post
My Theory, and it's just a theory, is that they're letting it stay in the game to get some game data about how people are using a 5th boff.
FOFF slot now!
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christ, if vold cant be fixed this week, then the code that went into having a designated shuttle needs to be walked back too. that clearly completely broke the station setup code. go ahead and reintroduce it after its all fixed. the game code seems to be coming apart at the seams lately.
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11-29-2012, 07:16 AM
There's no need to apologize over bugs. I just wish Cryptic did better testing before things went live.
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Well, we can't get made at Brandon (BranFlakes) for this one or for any development decision. He's just doing his job, which is to serve as the Forum Community Manager. He has been doing it well, and has made an honest attempt at keeping us up to date on the state of things.

Now, whichever manager is deciding what gets developer priority, is obviously not deserving of his position. Gamebreaking BUGs and Exploits (or non-exploit exploits) should never be allowed to remain, for any length of time. Voldy should have been given first priority. The private queues should have been given just as high or higher of a priority, since it effects all players in the game, not just PvPers.

Cryptic's reaction to these issues makes them look unprofessional and generally bad at game development. It broadcasts their lack of understanding about PvP gameplay, in their own game, and reminds us that they could care less.

Borticus, if you read this. Based on what I've heard about the boot camp project, I believe you care about PvP. You are the only (remaining) dev that has shown any interest in that aspect of gameplay (seriously, we should be seeing devs in the queues regularly, maybe even during scheduled events... a vital part of PvP in any game is that the developers understand it which you can't do if you don't play), and I hope you can find a way to convince your bosses that it deserves the time it would take to fix it. No other aspect of STO has as big of a chance to be a standout performer in the world of MMO's. STO's space combat system is unique and has the potential to be quite fun and generate [good] buzz in the gaming community.

In the meantime folks, don't take your frustration out on Brandon, he's here for us. Instead write letters/emails, twitter messages, forum posts (civil) to his bosses. Tell them how badly they are failing, and urge them to listen. It might not do any good, but if anyone needs to hear it, it's them, not BranFlakes.

BranFlakes, I hope you can adequately convey our frustrations and current anger levels to your bosses. Consider this an official request from me to our community manager. It would be nice to know, at least, that they know what is going on in here and in the game. PvPers are mad, and the blame lies squarely at their feet.
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Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
Now, whichever manager is deciding what gets developer priority, is obviously not deserving of his position. Gamebreaking BUGs and Exploits (or non-exploit exploits) should never be allowed to remain, for any length of time.
Has it ever occurred to you that smaller bugs get fixed faster because they're easier to identify and less likely to damage other systems when fixed?

Sometimes larger bugs remain longer because of their complexity; "fixing" them quickly may break something else and cause even more gnashing of teeth on the forums.

Just because a bug is not fixed in a "timely" manner does not mean it is not being worked on or is not the highest priority on the list. It might well just mean that it's harder to fix and will take longer. Rushing out a major fix can be a major mistake.

Since the majority of the game seems to be playable, there apparently are no "gamebreaking" bugs. Parts might be broken or not working as intended, but as a whole, the bulk of the game is perfectly playable. If certain bugs should "never be allowed to remain, for any length of time" leads to them having to take the game down completely until it can be ironed out, that would be far worse than allowing a bug to remain in the live environment while it is being investigated in a test environment.
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11-29-2012, 11:49 AM
I had mentioned on an earlier thread the history about the voldemort bug.

It did take 1 entire season to fix it last time.

We came up with a theory at TRH that older versions of the game are being patched with new content. Compatibility with these older versions has been of some concern.

The reason for this strategy has both benefits and disadvantages in our view.


New content can be worked on exclusively and applied to older versions in a quicker demeanor rather than a more in depth recoding of the entire game. Reason for new content coming out very quickly rather than before. There was a new content blockage for a whole year almost. They fixed the game, polished up, then sold it to PWE.

This also addresses the limited staff that they have at Cryptic Studios in order to address a lot of problems with the game. However, I somehow doubt they think this is working as much as we think it is.

Whoever made the original versions, made sure they were compatible with later versions of the game. In other words in more "star trek terms" picture the Holodeck server a Trill, picture the patch as a symbiote. They put that weird looking worm in, and hope there will be no side effects. If there are, they look for another host (another version).


They seem to be not at capacity to deal with problems directly. Including balancing of PvP or content. Reason being is that they applied a patch to an older version, and looking for a new version for compatibility is also going to be time consuming.

Where as where one thing breaks in this version, don't be surprised if something else breaks in the next one. It is obvious there is conflicts between the versions being patched.

They will never tell us this is what they're doing. Mainly because, well it's a quick way of running their game.


They could be working on a new game client in the back ground to address this crap once and for all. For all we know that could very well be the client PvPers are looking for, as well as PvE'ers but if you dangle an STF infront of PvE'er they're rolling on the ground laughing in joy. So, really, this could be the case but don't get your hopes up.

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Originally Posted by broadnax View Post
the bulk of the game is perfectly playable.
The question arises, mind you - well to me at least; how much of the game is "perfectly" playable because of the various bugs?

People tend to think of gamebreaking bugs as things that prevent you from playing the game. They often ignore gamebreaking bugs that allow you to play the game better than intended.

In a twisted manner, PvPers are advocates for NPCs. After all, the NPCs can't complain...
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