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11-24-2012, 06:35 AM
Short Term

1. Larger stacks for commodities and consumables.
2. Restored ability to dress bridge officers in off-duty clothing.
3. Option to enable injury system without increasing difficulty.

Mid Term

1. The ability to give orders from my bridge, at least for travel.
2. The ability to set a standard uniform for my crew to wear.
3. The ability to set where on my ship my bridge officers appear; first officer's chair, tactical station, helm, engineering, the bar, etc.

Long Term

1. Continued expansion of the explorable universe.
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11-24-2012, 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by alnakar View Post
1: Power trays that stay the way that I set them.
2: The ability to walk around on my ship, and have my ship continue to travel.
3: A better way of keeping track of which foundry missions I've already played, so that it takes less work to find content that's new to me.

1: Foundry wrapper replaced with an appropriate reward for that mission, even if it's still a significantly lower hourly dilithium income than you could earn in other ways.
2: Replacing the sub-par exploration missions (by which I mean all of them) with a subset of Foundry missions set with a narrower completion time window. I'm thinking 5-15 minutes.
3: A comprehensive "game manual" that doesn't require that I sift through the forums looking for an answer to my question.

1: A decent crafting system.
2: Gradually shift away from the idea of an aggro-radius, where I can walk into a room full of enemies, and kill a small group of them while the others stand around and watch. This is extremely immersion-breaking.
3: Continue to find every excuse to make use of the Foundry for what it is: a nearly limitless source of quality content to keep the game alive and thriving.
Sorry, one more. I know it's supposed to be 3, but whatever...

4: My ship should have a useful cargo bay, which can be accessed from space. Ideally I'd like to see my inventory split into 3 tabs (Ground Items, Space Items, Cargo Bay). I feel like I should be able to store extra hypos, etc. in my cargo bay, so that I can re-stock my away-team when they return to the ship.
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1. I would like a ground and space arena where I could challenge another player to one on one combat

2. I would love to see a tab where I could see how many kills and how much damage I have done after running missions like "the big dig" or "Klingon Scout Force" for example.

3. Change the cost of reassiaigning underperforming officers. It is way to high. You guys have made dilithium so valuable because of the reputation store that I don't want to use it for anything. Not even fleet projects. One dilithium to one fleet marks is also not a fair trade.

Thanks, Career Officer Bublawek.
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11-25-2012, 12:42 PM
I started playing the game after season 6 came out. I like the game and decided to get the life time thing when it went on sale in October. Here are some of the changes that I would like to see made to the game.

1.) The price of dilithium it take to reassign underperforming duty officers. Right now it is 500 dil to change 5 white duty officers to 1 Green Duty officers, 2,500 dil to change 5 green duty officers to 1 blue duty officer, and 5,000 dil to change 5 blue duty officers to 1 purple duty officer. That is a crazy amount of dilithium needed just to reassign the duty officer. WTF thought of this? Right now I really just want to punch them in the face for doing this. I believe this is a very feasible change considering all of the other dilithium changes being made.

2.) I brought on a liberated borg Bridge officer after completing one of the STFs. So far, he?s adapting well to his new assignment, but we do have one small problem. He refuses were wear any clothes. The crew is concerned about this, and my HR department is going crazy. I?ve tried to get him to wear some pants, but I?m unable to make it happen. As a result, I?ve had to restricted him to the brig. I believe if I were able to get him to wear some clothes, then he would be adapter better to his new environment onboard my ship.

3.) I?ve also adopted a Jem?Hadar Bridge officer. He does pretty good, but he is an addict. I have sent him to the counselor to get him on a 12 step process. The problem comes when we?re on an away mission with him. He only wears his uniforms, and therefore looks way different than the rest of the crew. This has caused fratricide on many occasions. Please allow him to change his uniforms so that he matches what the rest of the crew has.

4.) I am able to change the uniforms that my bridge officers wear. (except for the borg and the jem?hadar) However, when I walk around my ship, all of the other crew members are wearing something different. I would like to see the option to change the uniforms that my crew wears so that they match what me and my bridge officers are wearing, thus making the crew uniform. I just think that it?s odd that I can get my bridge changed out, but I can?t get my crew to change uniforms.

5.) The episodes section needs to have a new romulas added. The episodes was one of those things I liked. Each one was like a season of star trek, with each mission being a show that you got to play. If you can get one of these for season 7, then it might be more successful than just creating a mission hub on new romulus.

So, these changes go with my play style. I like to make up my crew with the uniforms that I want. The duty officer assignments are fun to do. Completing the episodes are fun. Since I?ve completed the episodes, I?ve moved on to the different events that I can que in for. If the above changes can be done to the game, then I would be a very happy player.
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11-26-2012, 09:01 AM
Short term;

Modify the dilithium costs of the available products to reflect the reduced earning potential of Dilithium. I fully understand the purpose behind the changes- mainly to reduce the use of multiple characters to farm up mass quantities and devaluing the purpose and process of the resource... but the changes that were made means that on a dilithium to time basis, it takes -considerably- longr for even an honest player to earn what he needs to purchase items from the dilithium store- let alone provde supplies for fleet (and now embassy) upgrades. When it takes a minimum of three hours to gain the daily allotment of 8k refinable dilithium, and costs are 20-30k dilithium for basic ship weapons and consoles- let alone the projects- the time involved seems to cross the line from being a bit of a grind to feeling like a second job. This cuts very deeply into the game's fun factor. I am all for having to earn your rewards, but there is a fine blance between when it is a thing earned, and when it is a thing not worth earning any more.

Mid term;

I would be in favor of mid term projects being suspended for a time in order to focus as much defelopment manpower as possible to the long term project. I am willing to sacrifice a few months of content if it means the effective implementation of a properly functioning major change.

Which brings me to the long term;

A complete and total revamp of the game's graphical and physics engine. From scratch. (or close to)

I recognise this as an immensely time consuming and complicated process, but I beliefe that for the contimued life of this game it is long overdue. Don't get me wrong, the effects and blooms and partical effects are beautiful to behold. But the engine is for all intents and purposes a higher resolution vrsion of the engine used in city of heroes, and it has its flaws, and is beginning to show its age.

But the major reason for the rebuild, is that the engine as it stands is not capable of properly running the game. There are many bugs and errors that centre around graphics failing to render, active object density being enough to chunk out even high end machines, the lack of x-axis flight, and GUI lag/errors. A rebuild would allow for the use of a more up to date engine, as well as opening up more efficient methods of rendering and modification of object render limits so that we can not only use our powers, but see them all in effect on the field- as well as clean up errors such as invisible (or instant hit) torpedoes from the stf enemies, more fluid and realistic handling of ships in space, opportunities to expand ground play even further... and the list goes on.

While i recognise the design and implementation of such a project is very difficult, it has been proven to be possible, and an extremely viable method of extending the life of an MMO- enhancing the player enjoyment, upgrading the graphics and interface, and opening new avenues of later development through adding new tools and processes.
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11-29-2012, 02:55 AM
Short Term:
1. Larger stacks for commodities and consumables. Please! I waste to much time clicking and buying large hypos, shields etc
2. The ability to set a standard uniform for my crew to wear.
3. Get the bug out of the storymissions. (2800er was awful). And the bug from the red alert in the Tau Dewa sector.

Middle Term:
1)More missions and patrols in the Tau Dewa sector. More missions and objectives on New Romoulus
2) Reducing the Afk'lers in PvP and PVE!!!
3) More incentive to do PvP. Rewards (marks, gear), modes, maps etc

Long Term:
1)More content for EVERYONE. Means more missions with a story that can be done by every fraction. Be it Kling, Fed or something new. We want to play with our friends.
2)Better Q+A. Old resolved bugs like voldemort shouldn't be reappearing in the new patches. But I know it happens to other dev teams too.
3) More content for the Klingon faction. Doesn't have to be much. But it sucks leveling a kling ony with doffs and doing the same grinding missions in the nebulas.

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11-29-2012, 09:46 AM
**Short Term**
I just picked up a Tuffli because I saw how useful it is. However, switching between the Tuffli and another ship quickly is extremely annoying.
- Beam to shuttle
- Pick the Tuffli
- Leave the shuttle
- Beam to bridge of Tuffli
- Switch Ships
- Leave Tuffli

You've got the drop down to beam to the shuttle or ship, why not add an option to beam to the Tuffli if you have one? The above then becomes:
- Beam to Tuffli
- Pick ship
- Leave Tuffli

**Medium Term**
Create a questionnaire designed to solicit APPROPRIATE feedback to compare past to present standings with the game. This would include the changes that have been applied not only to S7 in itself, but, with dilithium changes, STF changes, and any other changes that have may have upset or been praised by the forums. Not to mention I'd suggest things adding things about how the UI works, if people are happy with certain aspects, and why. If a low grade is given, a required text field of "Why?" would be required to be considered a valid answer. A simple "It sucks" would probably end up being excluded.

In exchange for the player base on doing this, offer something back to the players, like, free Zen, free Dili, or a choice of one thing from a series of items that'd be useful to that players style, like a Tuffli, weaponry, consumables, etc.

The questionnaire should be developed in a way so that you can see an overview of how players are responding in a range of say 1 to 10. I would also suggest, to avoid people gaming this system, that triggers are put in place so that if someone grades all questions as a 1, for example, and no valid comments (Or understandable comments at that) are ejected and removed from consideration and no reward be given. As I said above, an answer of "It sucks" can't be considered as valid, however, "Swapping ships via the Tuffli is a pain, but can be fixed by adding something to the dropdown arrow that'd let me beam directly to the Tuffli" would be given a gold star.

Answering the questions do NOT give an AUTOMATIC reward either. It'd take time to go through all/most of the responses manually by a pair of eyes to register what has been requested. Once the time for the questionnaire has expired, take a month or so to go through the answers given and flag those that have given appropriate responses their gift. If a particular metric is met based on the numbers, that response could be flagged as acceptable and put into an automatic queue for rewards.

**Long Term**
Set internal goals to accomplish what the players want. We, the players, are your bread and butter and what keeps your company going. When we're happy with the game plays, our wallets probably would end up opening up more easily.

In *MY* opinion, and for *MY* play style, Season 7 is a heap of garbage as far as the new content is concerned, not to mention some of the things I did as my daily routine were pretty much pulled from the "Worth while doing" category. I have zero interest in New Romulus and what it has to offer, there are so many "points of interest" that the tricorder becomes less than useless when trying to find the "points of interest" you need to complete your missions. I'm NOT a ground player, but a space player. The new missions are of interest, and the rewards are somewhat decent, but in comparison to what was given for space missions versus the time invested in the ground... well.. Space features were shafted large. Mind you, this game is NOT written for ME specifically, so, I'd probably end up being on the outside of the metrics above to get an automatic reward.
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11-29-2012, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by rachelj88 View Post
WANT! Cryptic can you throw me into the Delta Quadrant? atleast there I'd be free of Starfleet Dental and other things...

You cannot escape your fate!

Dear Cryptic,

Please place your computers away from the windows so that the workers will be less distracted.
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11-29-2012, 08:49 PM
short term:

#1 penalize players that are AFK in stf's
#2 test patches before they are released to reduce the amount of bugs that are introduced
#3 fix the one shot borg weapons


#1 add more solo encounters that reward dilithium
#2 make some of the more popular lock box ships obtainable by other means
#3 add counters to the hud for carrier ships to indicate how many active pets per hangar are out and about


sell STO and/or cryptic to another company that's not affiliated with PW, Co.
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11-29-2012, 10:19 PM
So I had a list before and yeah big surprise it pretty much all got done, cheers for that. So yeah time to make a new one:

Short Term:

1)customizable kits. There is no reason why a Tac player for example can't have a grenade, a turret, a health generator and stealth for example. The current kits right now are so limiting.

2) Advanced warp core engine mk x: a good amount added toward turn rate in system space, good speed in system space and ability to go past warp 10 in system space. right now we either have warp 10 or warp 14+ with certain engines, so how about a warp 12 engine that isn't a fleet based one.

3) Customizable MSD consoles: The ability to change our bridges is great, and while I'm not an RP type of person it annoys me to have just put a bridge on my excelsior only to have it show the MSD for the prometheus. make all MSD consoles a set size and turn them into a trophy style item that can be customized by the player.

4) Ship name length increase: I love Star Trek, and Andromeda, and Earth Final Conflict. I really had a hard time trying to decide what to name my new mobius ship, then boom I had the perfect idea. Destiny Ascendan_ FU$%ing POS, REALLY ! F%$^#$& letter short are you FU$^$# kidding me???!! Yup that was me today. 1 part Star Trek, 1 part Andromeda, 1 part mobius/wells kinda looks like Taelon Mothership, 1 part Stargate SGU Destiny = nope access denied by 1 letter. Seriously guys longer ship names please.

Mid Term:

1) Player designed bridges: I know this sounds like a long term project but let me explain my thinking on this. Once every 3 months have a player designed bridge contest where players can create the layout of the bridge in the foundry. Then the player base votes on them and the top 5 are made into bridges. The 1st place bridge is a free gift after completing a mid length super mission. Collect 100 fiber neural cables from Defera, 50 prototype tholian cyrstaline fragments, 50 Romulan singularity drive blueprint schematics (rom episodes and deep space encounters) and then we have to go to utopia plainitia shipyards to complete a bridge refit mission requiring us to go to engineering and align new bridge sensor controls, etc.

2) Funtional ship interior holodecks: Three different lower deck variations for bridge views, all standard across all players. There is no reason why a holodeck couldn't be added with a selection of holonovels availible to start from the holodeck console. Maybe add in a favorite option to foundry missions and have those appear on the holodeck mission select screen?

3) POKER, POKER, POKER, POKER, POKER, OH AND DID I SAY POKER?: Okay so you added Dabo, yay for you here's your cookie and your pat on the back. Dabo was on was on well, pretty much every series. You put the poker table in the lounge now make it functional. Bets are placed and rewarded in EC.

4) Romluan warbird holo emitter (non flashing version): Look we already know people are itching for Romulans. We also know after all the whining and complaining the KDF fanatics do that it'll be a LONG ass time before we see a playable Romulan faction. I've got my little self made Romulan character who works for Starfleet, so who better to infiltrate Sela's inter council, steal a warbird and bring it over enemy lines to be investigated. Starfleet could chose to have me command the ship as a means to gather intelligence, and boom there's the reason a fed or kdf is flying a warbird. No holo emitter flashing effect and it lasts for 6 months, 1 time reward.

Long Term:

1) Fully customizable ship interiors: I know I know waiting for tech from Neverwinter. Will all due respect that's a line of bull and we all know it. There are freeware programs a billion out there that can drag and drop premade parts and make a map. Really all it would take is a wedge, circular, box main placement grid. outer rooms for wedge and circular shaped layouts could be crew quarters, or med/eng labs that are prepositioned so there are no placement issues with none rectangular or square rooms.

2) small fleet ability to trade fleetbase for smaller limited customization ground base. fleet bases are not designed for smaller fleets, plain simple fact. some small remote planatary system in zeta, storyline was designed to be civilian merchant outpost, never finished and taken over by starfleet to help Cardassian rebuilding process. Will better outline proposal in seperate thread.

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