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# 1 Fleet Credit count issue
11-30-2012, 07:26 AM
Ticket# #1,432,624

I logged on today contributed fleet marks and had something like 453K in fleet credits, I ran colony invasion and contributed more but now i only have 425k in fleet credits?
I checked the leader board and i had 449k so i should have had a good bit more than what the leader board says because i use fleet mark boost.

I haven't bought anything in weeks since i got the Fleet MVAM. So I was not a purchase.

I just logged onto tribble and checked my character over there because i transferred him after i bought the fleet mvam and he shows i had 453,914 on him, so on holo I should have a good deal more because I've made several contributions since but i really don't know the # because I haven't been looking that closely. I would think anywhere from 485k upward?
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