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11-30-2012, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by discloned View Post
To be honest i am not so much on the DPS side. I belive abilities are far more important than raw DPS. I also translate that to armament. On a (battle)cruiser i favour chroniton torpedos for example, even if i know its not doing as much damage. I know it pays off because the dual heavy cannons get more time on target.

DPS is important, certainly, but its not the last word in what a ship can do. Ultimately the real power of a ship comes from its combinations of BO abilities it can field. That pretty much defines its attack options. Klingon BoPs allow a lot of freedom when it comes to this.

And whilst the Fleet Scourge destroyer doesn't offer the universal BO stations it mixes in quite a bit of science abilities, wich is very interesting.
I like this post as it points out something that often doesn't get considered. Choosing torpedoe loadout based on your role is one of those things. Time on target as it relates to CC is another.

What this is saying is that quantums may do more damage once you get down to hull, but if you don't give your cannons time to GET TO the hull, those probes are out the gate and gone. KDF battle cruisers are great utility players as they are manueverable enough to get around a map and lay down controls where it is needed, and still put out great damage.

On a side note, if your just using cannon autofire with or without DEM, consider just dual cannons. As they have a higher rate of fire they should fire more often on a target as it passes through thier arc. Also if it is possible for your weapons to proc more often, DC's will do so.

and this.


That is a captain level K'tinga fireing up some borg in stf's. Good stuff. We made the optionals, it was only normals, no one got borked because I was in a Noob ship.

Its a neat video as it shows things like Aux to ID, power levels, and what turns out to be a surprise bit about torpedoes at the end. And some dancing!

anyways nice post!

Cheers and happy flying!

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