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Patching now


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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
Can't you use copy and paste yourself? You should be able to edit your post...
thanks for the tip..but since i am new to these forums and not quite use to them..then you might want to give me a little slack until i get more use to these forums. As for complaining..yeah i might be..but i am NOT looking for any special rewards or anything. All i am doing is bringing up some issues that some of my fellow fleet members are having not to mention a few others outside of the fleet. I would thank you not to slam words in my mouth if you dont mind. I just would think if your going to spend your hard earned money to a game that you find enjoyable to play and run into the same issues some other players would would bring that up in these forums. Maybe i am wrong.
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Originally Posted by captainpatrick82 View Post
Remember when Worfwas lost for days in the Badlands with only the sound of his singing to keep him going?
That was a good episode... so glad I wasn't in his escape pod... Klingon Opera is an acquired taste lol
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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
that only would only make sense if it comes with 10 consoles slots like all the other Fleet Ships + the Transwarps on top of it. Is that the case?

and nobody was opposed to having the T5 excelsiors Transwarp changed into a console back when they wanted to do it! But Cryptic removed certain Transwarp locations from the Tier 5 version and added it to the Tier 3 instead, Transwarps that we already payed for!
And that got a very negative response of course (nobody was opposed to turning it into a console and getting an extra console slot IF the power itself had stayed unchanged).

Instead they just rolled it back completely and now the Transwarps can not be moved to another Ship, and can not be removed for an alternate console either...

but of course we can all buy those Transwarp consumables in the Dilithium-Store for just 35000 Dilithium ...per Jump. Because that is so economically logical to grind dilithium for 5 Days instead of just flying there with Warp. (i doubt anybody in their right mind has ever bought that item... if it was a permanent transwarp for 35000 i could understand but a consumable? LOL! )
I wondered about that also... was hoping that somebody would come back to us and say, "Oopsie, to many Zeros..." and They would fix it.

Guess I thought wrong.
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Originally Posted by captainpatrick82 View Post
Why not add a little more randomness to the universe with random distress calls. Sh'Mar is a cool one but there should be others like broken warp drives where you will need to provide warp cores and maybe (if you are an engineer) actually beam over and do repairs. What about rescues from crashes on desolat or hostile planets and other areas? Remember when Worfwas lost for days in the Badlands with only the sound of his singing to keep him going?
I'd suggest it be even smarter than that.. how about those built-in freighters in sol, etc, having routes, across the universe.. and what items they sell being somehow related to their routes.. and of course, system failures can happen. So, you might end up meeting a freighter somewhere near drozana with a blown warp drive, go aboard and help fix it.. and in trade you get a commodity that ship just picked up at drozana.

You could hail a freighter on it's route, it'd stop and sell you things.. instead of the ships just.. sitting there.
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Originally Posted by torsten1009 View Post
These are not just nice patch-notes, I would say it's "Cryptics U-Turn-Patch"... When I remember the first time I saw those Reputation-Projects on Tribbel, I remember that you had to put Dilithium into them, now you get Dilithium out of them!

There are still a few tweaks Cryptic could do, for example: I don't know how a new character is supposed to get Dilithium (except the Dilithium Exchange) to grind up Doffs, to contribute to Fleet-/Embassy-Projects and so on...
What do you think? Do you think somebody who is new to the game and is supposed to put money into it would stay, or would he just stop playing? Cryptic, these new people in the game could become paying customers, but they won't put money into the game just after they first launched the game.
Do I need to explain you the free to play concept? I'd think you missed one important letter, it's not "free to pay"!
Ok, at level 7 for Fed (22 for KDF) you can start using the DOFF system, which every DOFF Assignment I have seen gives you 5 DI, not a lot, but it is something. Then at I think level 9 for Fed, you can start DI mining in the Beta U sector, in the Vulgata asteroid belt.

Now when I first started playing I could make level 10 in like two days... now I do it in one day by running Stranded, then doing all the patrols in the Regulus and Siruis Sector Blocks...

That means a new player that asks for and receives decent advice from veteran players CAN start using the DOFF system and daily mining inn Vulgata to start earning DI one to two days after they start playing... not to hard to do.
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Patching is now available, and you should be able to get in very soon.


Brandon =/\=
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timer extended by another 15 minutes...
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And i can patch!!!
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Transwarp..come on, is it really that hard to wait 2 minutes to get to a sector?
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