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Perhaps you're blind or willfully ignorant Dan Stahl, but we told you over and over that the
massive dilthium price increase on doff exchange mission missions, plus adding a 1000 dilithium for general recruitment is unacceptable! I don't care if you can get purple doffs from sector exploration. Understand trolls?! I don't want bound doffs as they take up SPACE on my roster. Plus those doffs don't have the all important resolve. In any case, the fact that you CAN still get purple doffs is irrelevant. This is just another chain of examples (like crafting) of you adding unneccessary dilithium sinks. These massive dilithium sinks are in addition to the fleet embassy and the other completely stupid cosmetic only fleet base missions missions you make for us (which I never slate, nice try).

Your goal is transparent. You intend to manipulate the dilithium exchange so that free to play players must spend more and more of their hard earned money on your game (which when added up far exceed the cost of any legitimate subscription MMO). You also manage to screw people who are lifetime members by making their lifetime subscription less and less valauble. Who cares about them right? You have their money. Good thing I demanded my lifetime membership be refunded for breach of contract.

Dan, people don't like feeling as if they're being RIPPED OFF! By transparently manipulating the dilithium exchange you are ripping people off. This is the issue Dan Stahl!!! This is why people are leaving your game!

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Can I have your stuff?

Originally Posted by captainbrady View Post
Good thing I demanded my lifetime membership be refunded for breach of contract.
Good luck with that.
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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Can I have your stuff?

Good luck with that. , section 17.
Really? Funny, I just checked my credit card statement and sure enough the money was refunded.
Second point, don't care what the terms and conditions are, I'm still protected by US law which supercedes
any unlawful contract. Third, my stuff is bound to my toon, never said I was quitting, just not paying for the game,

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