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11-30-2012, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by crusader2007 View Post
Agree with everything said in here in OP but don't think they will listen at all...For instance for those whinners who complaint about STF drops being to hard to get now they have what they deserve...grinding to an extreme level...30days24hrs13secs... they just traded one pain for another...the whole Season 7 is another farmville festival of grinding

Make players grind until their eyes bleed or make them pay through the urethra. We don't care how you milk them dry, just make sure that milking them dry until their nipples petrify and fall off is your only goal. Don't deviate from this goal unless you'd rather be on the bread line." - Prime Directive from PWE

Thanks for the support! I actually think you're right about the STFs. They weren't really that hard, and joining publicSTFelite showed how a little planning made STF just a cakewalk. This changes also taught me a lesson to appreciate what I have. I used to cuss if my team got crappy drops, but the excitement of anticipating what we can get was a lot of fun. I loved collecting slavage. I used to keep salvage in my bank like trophies, and when I needed some spending money :-). Now i have to contribute hyposprays for reputation. It's about as much fun as paying for your own birthday present.

You're right, they won't listen because they don't care what we think. Their patch only restored about half of what they took, so in the end, they had a net gain. Already the dittohead lemmings are cheering the partial restoration of what was taken from them like a bunch fo seals at sea world during feeing time. Ohh look how they listened to us!! No won't be fooled. I canceled my gold membership, I got my lifer membership refunded. I'll just wind down...find something better.

Btw, I like the porthos picture. Enterprise was my favorite series.

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