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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
"Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat." The Klingons have stopped fighting D'Tan's Unificationists because they have a greater battle ahead (the Iconians) and need to throw resources at that rather than the old hostilities.

That, and D'Tan is trying to make the Romulans honorable. That, surely, must appeal to the Klingons.
Yes, yes, of course! We'll let some weak Romulan colony go so that we can 'prepare ourselves' to fight a rather laughable excuse for Iconians (Iconians that differ quite a bit from how the novelizations depict them. . .which are the only thing that have information about Iconians beyond surface depictions). Oh, the Iconians are returning to subvert and conquer us all! As if we didn't have enough plotlines going on with the effing Borg, Undine, Federation-Klingon war, etc.

I'm not buying this Iconian-war guff, and I never have tbh. It's always been a unnecessary sideshow in my mind, to make the Romulan story arc a little more 'interesting'.

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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Yes, yes, of course! We'll let some weak Romulan colony go so that we can 'prepare ourselves' to fight a rather laughable excuse for Iconians (Iconians that differ quite a bit from how the novelizations depict them. . .which are the only thing that have information about Iconians beyond surface depictions). Oh, the Iconians are returning to subvert and conquer us all! As if we didn't have enough plotlines going on with the effing Borg, Undine, Federation-Klingon war, etc.

I'm not buying this Iconian-war bull****, and I never have tbh. It's always been a unnecessary sideshow in my mind, to make the Romulan story arc a little more 'interesting'.
It's the other war around - the Romulans, FvK war, Undine, etc are all part of the Iconian storyline.
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Originally Posted by dwadsdwad View Post
My whole point was that instead of pushing out copy/paste content to have us wait a few weeks after the feds get theirs for us to get the same mission from a different point of view.

The Klingons and Federation are two completely different organisations but from how Cryptic have portrayed them they both think and act exactly the same, thus making the whole war situation a bit... pants.

I understand that they have time constraints and even financial constraints and that is why we get these copy/paste situations but honestly it would be far more rewarding for the community and Cryptic if they just delayed KDF content for the month/season after its Federation release so that it can get a true KDF feel to it.

It would also bolster the numbers of KDF players as Feds would be curious to what the missions were like and thus boost sales for KDF content in the store.

My biggest issue with STO has always been the way the whole setting does not make sense because both factions are identical in what content they share other than simple aesthetics.
You touch on a lot of good points here. Would fans/players be willing to wait for faction-specific mission? I think yes, some have waited for nearly 3 year now for anything-KDF -specific. I haven't been playing STO exclusively for those three years, but even when not playing, I'm still waiting...

Somehow, all those Cthulhu-looking things on New Romulus... I don't feel like my Gorn should be 'tagging' them (giggiddy) but rather mowing them down in a frenzy of disruptor fire, and setting the big one at the back of the river on fire.

I find it hard to play any of my KDF toons on New Romulus. The mission break my immersion in my character. I'm a f&%$ing Lieutenant General. The Fehk'iri tremble at the sound of my name. I have slaughtered countless Borg. I have chartered fluidic space. I have faced the Undine, and lived to tell the tale. Women want me, men want to be me, and immigrants want to take night classes and learn Klingon so they can talk about soccer with me.

But, yeah, sure, you need someone to go water the plants, I'm your man little Romulan friend. Nope, nothing else on the schedule for today, guess I must have done killed it all.

I also think releasing KDF-version content a few weeks/month later, it would give Feds something to do now and then something to do later as well. It would definitely be a tease to some long-standing Fed-exclusive players, to simply try the other faction out.

Also, it wouldn't feel the same as a Fed playing the mission on his Fed alt (even when it's his KDF alt). Idk, a player might get 'immersed' more into the KDF, and actually play it more (or, at least take it more seriously).

I always thought Facility 2049-or w/e would be terrific to play as a 'remastered' KDF mission, where you had to break someone out of Rurha Penthe.
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Just a thought.. fixing pvP..

why, how about arena's that have players backing up AI faction fleets against the other faction.. you can shoot other players, you can shoot AI ships...

Run continuously...

Player rewards could be a player selection choice of

Faction rewards
Fleet rewards
LOBI crystals

what ever..

if your not so good at pvP.. then go after the AI ships.. if your good at pvP go after other players..

But by all means make it a great big mugging mother of all battles...

and take a page from the STF's have a normal version, and an "elite" version..

suddenly BAM! we have a war between the feds and the KDF that means something to the players, and rewards them for taking part..

I've also always been a fan of the concept of PvP ground battles where the player wades into combat WITH thier away team... (gives players even more excuse to trick out thier away team ya know!)

As for season 8.. I'll belive there will be KDF content when i see it... 3 years of unfulfilled promises.. Not that we haven't seen some KDF content.. but its certainly not very much compared to the fed content.

As for why we've been seeing so many more KDF players lately.. i can only guess that many fed players have so played out the fed content that they're now wanting to try the other side.

And yes, I've also noticed a lot more KDF players lately.. Qo'nos space is positivly crowded these days..

Maybe its because the KDF fleet starbases have things like fireplaces, bloodwine fountains, and orion Dancing girls doing the nerve tonic dance..

I know I can sit in the fleet bar for hours on end waiting for DOFF missions to complete watching the dancers.....(sigh!)

... could it be that simple?

KDF starbases have better decor, and a more fun bar life?.. Meh? could be!
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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
It's the other war around - the Romulans, FvK war, Undine, etc are all part of the Iconian storyline.
Yes, isn't that awfully convenient. Hmph.

I guess I just don't like the Iconian concept. Maybe I just have difficulty believing that, after hundreds of thousands of years of hiding out wherever they've set up shop, they've decided to try re-conquering stuff. They'd have done it long ago, if they had possessed the capability or still existed.

I'd have been fine with another species-specific story arc, maybe one that's focused on Cardassians, both the True Way and the puppet government. Perhaps the KDF could side with the True Way and establish an alliance in order to remove the Federation's influence on Cardassian space. Since Cryptic seems content to treat the 'Federation-Klingon War' as a cold war, this would make perfect sense. Cut off the Federation's access to allies (Cardassians, Romulans, etc), and expand PvP so that there's more of a 'wartime' feel to things.

This would make far too much sense, though, so they'll just stick to throwing lockbox goodies at foolish money-loaded players and creating blatantly Federation-based content with a nearly-transparent 'Klingon' wrapper for the KDF version.
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The sad truth to all this is even though there is a demand for KDF specific content we will never really get it.

They have added a few ships and costumes to make money from the few members of the faction but otherwise they don't seem too interested. Each season there is mention of KDF content and each season we don't get it.

Also its well known that the devs don't really pay much attention to what their fanbase are saying. They may well act on a few topics that are brought up on the monthly question time but mostly it is responded with 'we are aiming to get this put in'.

I have huge respect for D Stahl and I think he somewhat rescued STO from Zinkeveich's (sp) reign, unfortunately Atari being the horrible people that they are threw the company into the hands of PWE which has been the worst thing for STO since its creation. Each update im continuously finding more of a reason to dislike the game due to its infatuation with scamming its playerbase.

I only hope they stick true to their words of KDF content appearing in season 8.

Having said all that we all know that the KDF content will only be a copy/paste so im unsure as to whether its worth adding it at all.
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Just get me some more KDF content and i'll be happy
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The new T5 fleet B'rel was a veryvnice gesture so the " we got what we got and ain't never gonna be more.." statements just don't cut it anymore.
The devs did not have to but did and I hope it means that possibly fleet Karfi and Gurambu fleet ships in the future. So its obviuos they know we are here.

I just wish they would stop meshing such content as the FEs and the new Rommie stuff to jist be fed in flavor and actually go the next step and faction the factions enough so the player experiences the fed and KDF flavors
They've shown its possible in the past.... once I think... with the Bajaron world spy stuff and even in how the Npc Klingons were keeping order ridged style.
So why not take the leap and do this in all endgame crossfaction play?

Otherwise its not a two faction game at all, just snazzy what ever...

Honestly, Its getting tiresome having to rehash this all the time.

The devs are not idiots. They know we exist. I just do not know why they do not more with us.
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Yeah it seems like the undine and dishonorable remains of the house of duras and their allies where it seemed at the end of the tng/ds9 era that they were pretty much crushed this game puts them on a pedestal where they went from being extinct to basically running the empire. Not to mention the Undine pretty much controlling the alpha quadrant and KDF content where its going to boil down to if you want actual KDF content that isn't a Klingon on a Fed diet then you will have to use the foundry.

They really need to consolidate the factions as far as development because they keep stating they understand the "build it and they will come aspect" but they aren't building anything KDF and keep saying that they are loosing money on it... I guess the green paint costs are on the rise and too much to afford. TBH though there are so many story arcs and so many ship designs involving everything surrounding the KDF in their story that just hasn't been done you can almost say that there is more KDF than fed content just based off canon to put in this game. It pretty much looks like they were basing most of the game off TOS and then sprinkled a little TNG and DS9 here and there.

Plus on another note a lot of what made Star Trek what it was... WAS the KDF. Between the Khitomer Treaty to the end of DS9 there would be no federation if it wasn't for the assistance of the KDF. This new romulus thing would make sense except for the fact that the undine plot isn't resolved, the duras/jmpok arc isnt resolved, the fek'ihr arc isn't resolved, and the dominion okay they aren't officially engaged in any war in the alpha quadrant... The feds resolved their side with their dominion arc. Okay then why do we have defenses vs the dominion since they aren't officially attacking the Feds or KDF? It just seems they will pile any kind of dead gagh at us and expect us to like it but the whole point of story and anything resembling canon goes out the window with dilithium and zen crap that we aren't even getting c-store ships popping out. Sure Sure they put a fleet b'rel out there but its freaking T5 shipyard and its not like decent fleets are getting people swamped with donations to even get their so it makes sense the way they did starbases and story with feds but with the KDF its just a fed diet given to us to stay fed healthy.
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I have to say I too have noticed a few things that have been added that go completely against canon.

CBS are meant to have some sort of say in what does and doesn't get put in yet we get silly things like said dominion attacks happening.

I also personally hate how they keep adding non-faction ships to the game. Why the hell would a Starfleet officer fly a Tholian ship...

Maybe im poking holes and I know it stirrs the non-trekkies wild into buying lockboxes (genius idea!) but I still dislike it.

And yea lockboxes... Bloody brilliant idea. It often amuses me with the whiney posts about how someone bought ?50 worth of keys and they still didn't get the ship, etc. Id love to see how much money they have made on people gambling on these lockboxes. Its genius...

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